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Bitcoin Bulls Head Upwards As Price Exceeds $8,000

Bitcoin (BTC) price has more than doubled in the course of the first half of 2019 after crossing the $8,000 level on Tuesday (May 14). Analysts agree that the cause of the bullish trend is a new wave of new buyers who are flocking the market. Bitcoin Touches A High Of $8,265 On Tuesday (May […]

Roundup – 12/05/2019 – Bitcoin Breaks $7000 – Strong Bullish Signal & more

Bitcoin Breaks $7000 – Strong Bullish Signal Bitcoin has reached the price above the psychological line of $7000. This is a strong bullish sign for Bitcoin and a good indicator that the rally could continue. Of course, altcoins have followed Bitcoin’s price and performed with partly even stronger gains. If Bitcoin holds this price level […]

Optimal Time To Buy XRP As $0.3 Price Persists

The Crypto winter that devastated the Cryptocurrency market in 2018 seems to be over according to many experts. However, some people still believe that the market is still sluggish even though they agree that there have been considerable gains in 2019 that cannot be written off. Amid the greens that dominate the markets in most […]

XRP Adoption Crosses The 1,000th Client Mark Despite A Slow Bullish Cycle

In the last weeks, the Cryptocurrency market has been having a momentous trend of massive rallies and increased trading volume across each of the 2,000+ Digital Tokens. The momentum in the market is, however, slowing down and prices across the listings are starting to retract. The reds and sluggish greens dominate marketplaces. Ripple’s XRP is […]

Technical Analysis #CW34 – no Reason to FOMO

The media is full of news and there is a slight optimism for further upward movement. But before making any FOMO decisions you should always research the market situation and consider where the market is located. As the market seems to be undecided at the moment, let’s discuss both sides. A look at the downtrend […]