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It’s a buyers’ Market As Bearish Momentum Looms

In the last 36 hours, the Crypto market experienced a widespread bearish condition as most Digital Token pairs were trading in the red. Some of the Cryptos that hit weekly lows include BTC, ETH, and XRP that collectively dominate over 80% of the total market capitalization on Coinmarketcap data. This drop has been precipitated by […]

Blockchain Could Make Powered Electric Car Charging Systems Adaptable & More

Blockchain Could Make Powered Electric Car Charging Systems Adaptable The auto industry is set to experience an extraordinary change. Researchers have come up with a blockchain powered hybrid energy system. The project aims at facilitating the adoption of electric cars which are deemed to be the future of the automotive industry. This technology will also […]

Altcoin Season Is Over After BTC/USD Dominance Surges To 70%

At $11,760.28 for BTC/USD, the pair has a market dominance of close to 70% which is at 69.7%. This peak was only seen in March 2017 ahead of the historical meteoric bullish run that took Bitcoin to a peak price of $20,089 on December 17th, 2017. Nevertheless, this is not an unusual phenomenon as the […]

Lolli’s Loyalty Program Is Allowing Shoppers To Earn Free Bitcoin

A new shopping experience is being offered by Lolli’s loyalty program. This project is rewarding customers with up to 30% cashback scheme. Most importantly, the reward is issued as Bitcoin and this model is believed to be a factor that would drive Bitcoin adoption to a new meteoric level. The BTC-based loyalty program also holds […]

Price Projections For Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum: Why The Cryptocurrency Market Needs Time

Impatience seemed to set in on Tuesday as Bitcoin was unable to surpass the support price level at $11,260. On the other hand, Ethereum and XRP failed to move above the main moving targets. Meanwhile, Litecoin rose above the 200 simple moving average but couldn’t beat the 50 and Exponential Moving Averages. From past data, […]

Bitcoin Bulls Edge Out Bears, Breakout In The Offing

It now appears that the previous talks of a possibly bear market could have just been nothing but illusions. On the morning of 2nd August 2019, the price of Bitcoin climbed back to over $10,000 to a price that is close to $10,500. This has happened at a time when the market has shown an […]

Fresh BTC Uptrend May Begin In September

After facing a very strong selling pressure in the past couple of days, Bitcoin and a number of aggregated cryptocurrency markets are undergoing a day of green. Despite all this, Bitcoin Core still seems to be operating in a very precarious zone, with a support in the region of $10,000. Market analysists are now pointing […]

BTC Network Now More Powerful Than Ever Before

The main Bitcoin network is now eight times more powerful than it was in the past. The network has grown more than when it was at a price of $20,000. More Computing Power The leading crypto coin by market cap now boasts of more computing power behind its main security. The computing power has surpassed […]

The Demand For Institutional Crypto Abounds Despite Market Challenges

As of late, BTC and a score of other crypto coins have been undergoing extreme volatility as well as regulatory woes. This has caused a number of market investors and analysists to question the longevity of the bull run that has been running for several months. The analysts have also questioned the long-term significance of […]

BTC Mining Industry Is Now Booming

Mining difficulty on the main Bitcoin network has just taken one of steepest upturn in nearly a year. This is according to data released by, one of the leading Chinese cryptocurrency mining pools. Difficulty Surging On On the 9th of July 2019, the Bitcoin mining difficulty increased by more than 14% to attain a […]
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