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Eddie Hughes, A UK MP Is Proposing Tax Remittance In BTC

A British Member of Parliament in Westminster, Eddie Hughes, has broken the ice into what might become the next biggest discussion in many parliaments across the world. The MP is proposing that tax payments be made in Bitcoin. The MP who is a member of the Conservative Party of the UK sees Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain […]

BTC Price To Retract And Recover By Breaching The $4, 600 Level Of Resistance

After days of unexpected Crypto markets plunge, Bitcoin (BTC) price is about to rally. But the $4,600 level of resistance that latest statistical analysis has set remains to be the greatest obstacle to a long-awaited rally. Bitcoin’s Weak Link To Bitcoin Cash Triggered A BTC Freefall Much as Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Cash are different, […]

Roundup – 22/11/2019 – French Tobacco Shops Will Sell Bitcoin in 2019 & more

French Tobacco Shops Will Be Able to Sell Bitcoin & Ethereum in 2019 Tobacco shops called “buralistes” will be able to sell Bitcoin in France from January 2019 on. The shops can offer to buy coupons with the value of €50, €100 or €250. With these coupons customers can enter a code on the website […]

Is BTC Crash Real? Evidence Raises Optimism For A Bull Cycle

Lack of momentum, deeply oversold conditions, and the independence of Bitcoin Cash (BTC) from Bitcoin are some of the reasons that some experts believe that the bear run is falsified. Simply putting it, the notion is that the bear cycle is just a temporary situation that enables investors to buy more Cryptocurrencies ahead of a […]

Roundup – 19/11/2018 – BTC.TOP mines Bitcoin Cash ABC fork to ‘End Chaos’ & more

BTC.TOP mines Bitcoin Cash ABC fork to ‘End Chaos’ BTC.TOP a major Chinese mining pool contributes to the hash power of the BCH ABC fork. As of now, BTC.TOP alone has more hash power than BCH SV in total. Therefore, the potential threat of a 51% attack on the BCH ABC chain is currently not […]

Technical Analysis: Outbreak in BCH – Will BTC Follow? #CW 45

  The chart of Bitcoin Cash has recently broken out of the downtrend line that formed since the beginning of last September. The daily chart (fig. 1) shows us three green candles that drove the price from around $430 USD to $570 USD. Before that Bitcoin Cash came very close to the $420 USD level […]

Bitcoin Is The Cryptocurrency To Watch In 3 Weeks’ Time

Forecasts predict that Bitcoin will enter a long streak of sustained bull runs. One of the drivers for the expected gains is the growth of institutional investors who are pouring money into Bitcoin and triggering a surge of demand and prices. Additionally, awareness about Cryptocurrencies is growing and more people are likely to acquire Digital […]

Bitcoin Price Hits $6,553 Despite Downward Pressure

On today’s BTC trading trends, BTC price has recouped losses from yesterday’s day of trading where the price closed the day at a low of $6, 407. In a twist of events, BTC broke the $6, 485.20 in the 60 minutes price chart during the second attempt. The bullish trend has continued to gather momentum […]

Is This The Optimal Time To Invest In Bitcoin?

From the second week of the month, Bitcoin has been on a volatile upward trajectory amid a bullish Crypto market. In the Asian markets, BTC price started at a high of $6,688. The new price represents a marginal decline from the previous week’s closing price of over $6,780 on Friday. Technical Analysis Indicates A Downward […]

Bitcoin Price Could Hit $10,000 In November, Crypto Analysts

Herman Finnbjörnsson, CEO and founder of Svandis- a Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Advisory firm – is confident that the price of the Bitcoin will hit the $10,000 mark by the beginning of November. He further adds that he is 99% certain of this forecast. The Prediction Is Dependent On Some Key Factors Predicting the price of […]
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