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ConsenSys MD: Blockchain Is Transforming Customer Experience Delivery For Businesses

According to Lory Kehoe- the MD of ConsenSys, Distributed Ledger Technology is becoming a popular strategy for businesses that are looking for ways of boosting customer experience on their networks. Hence, the vast potential of Blockchain technology will be the avenue for creating smart networks for various use cases. In this regard, Lory is drawing […]

Roundup – 01/12/2018 – Intel Gained a Patent that Makes Mining more efficient & more

Intel Gained a Patent that Makes Mining more efficient Intel has successfully patented an innovation that would make mining more efficient. In the process of mining certain hash functions constantly repeat themselves. Intel found a way to include this functions into the hardware of an Asic miner or graphics card. This means that these functions […]

Amazon And Huawei To Be New Competitors In Blockchain Technology Industry

Blockchain technology evolution has received a major shot in the arm following the entry of Huawei and Amazon into the Distributed Ledger Technology space. On the part of Amazon, the $1 trillion worth company owned by ultra-rich billionaire Jeff Bezos has announced that it is launching two Blockchain platforms including the Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB) […]

Ledger Expands To New York To Serve American Institutional Investors Better

On Monday 26th November 2018, ledger made an official press release about opening a regional New York City office. The French-based fintech Blockchain company is looking to bring its Cryptocurrency custody solution for custodians and asset managers which is the Ledger Vault closer to the main market. The Crypto hardware maker is among the leading […]

Food Technologist: Blockchain Technology Is Transforming The Food Industry

Daniel Beckmann, the CEO of Foodshed Blockchain is affirming that Blockchain technology is improving the global food industry. He was speaking to Dan Patterson of TechRepublic in an interview. The Foodshed CEO is singling out supply chain monitoring as areas being disrupted by DLT. Additionally, the interviewee reveals that there is much improvement on the […]

Blockchain Technology Is Becoming Increasingly Popular In The Banking Industry

All over the world, banks are adopting or testing Blockchain-based systems. Banking experts believe that these institutions are leveraging on the many proven benefits of DLT that are already transforming other industries such as gaming, real estate, e-commerce, insurance, just to mention but a few. The Trend Started In 2008 The financial crisis of 2008 […]

The US SEC Is Out To Protect Cryptocurrency Consumers

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has a goal of protecting users of Blockchain technology from unstable platforms. The federal institution is also aiming to protect investors of Cryptocurrencies from fraudulent Tokens. Therefore, the SEC is launching the first of a kind crackdown on scams in order to remove them from Crypto exchange listings […]

Mining Bitcoin Could Increase Global Warming, Factual Or Not?

The New York-based Thomson Reuters Foundation reports that ambassadors of global warming awareness have Bitcoin on their list of concerns. The climate enthusiasts fear that Bitcoin mining could derail efforts done by the world to combat global warming. These methods largely entail developing solutions for green energy production to discourage the use of unsustainable means […]

ZCash Blockchain Has Undergone A Fork That Introduces Shielded Addresses

ZCash Blockchain has been updated as per its long-term roadmap to incorporate shielded addresses with sapling update capabilities and competencies. The fork is intended to optimize the network’s performance to a very large extent by enhancing privacy and anonymity features to achieve optimal confidentiality. The networks, therefore, become one of the few that has next-generation […]

IOST Blockchain Is The Leader In Scalability, Security, And Decentralization

According to Jimmy Zhong- Co-Founder and the CEO of IOST, IOST is the best Blockchain platform in regards to security, scalability, and decentralization technologies. He was speaking during an interview with BTCManager. IOST Is Different From EOS And Ethereum Ethereum, EOS, and IOST platforms are designed to power Blockchain applications. The different technologies achieve the […]
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