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Mining Bitcoin Could Increase Global Warming, Factual Or Not?

The New York-based Thomson Reuters Foundation reports that ambassadors of global warming awareness have Bitcoin on their list of concerns. The climate enthusiasts fear that Bitcoin mining could derail efforts done by the world to combat global warming. These methods largely entail developing solutions for green energy production to discourage the use of unsustainable means […]

ZCash Blockchain Has Undergone A Fork That Introduces Shielded Addresses

ZCash Blockchain has been updated as per its long-term roadmap to incorporate shielded addresses with sapling update capabilities and competencies. The fork is intended to optimize the network’s performance to a very large extent by enhancing privacy and anonymity features to achieve optimal confidentiality. The networks, therefore, become one of the few that has next-generation […]

IOST Blockchain Is The Leader In Scalability, Security, And Decentralization

According to Jimmy Zhong- Co-Founder and the CEO of IOST, IOST is the best Blockchain platform in regards to security, scalability, and decentralization technologies. He was speaking during an interview with BTCManager. IOST Is Different From EOS And Ethereum Ethereum, EOS, and IOST platforms are designed to power Blockchain applications. The different technologies achieve the […]

Expansion Plan? Cobo Vault Unveils A Crypto Wallet With In-Built PoS Mining Rewards

Cobo Vault is a Chinese Blockchain firm that provides Crypto wallet services. Its services are unique as its Crypto wallets have in-built proof-of-stake mining rewards that come with bank-grade security and military grade hardware. Cobo Vault Has A Winning Strategy There is an ever-increasing number of Cryptocurrency wallets that are available for investors. This makes […]

Blockchain M&A To Increase To 145 In 2018

As the end of the year approaches, JPM Group LLC expects that mergers and acquisitions for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency firms will increase. Overall, the company’s market research department- JMP Securities and PitchBook – reveals through a publication that the total number will be 145 in 2018. The report also features 2017 Blockchain and Cryptocurrency mergers […]

Cardano Foundation Is Being Replaced By IOHK And Emurgo Community Initiative

Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of IOHK- the team behind Cardano Blockchain technology has promised to unveil a new community management structure over the next two weeks. He revealed this plan in his most recent “Ask Me Anything” session from Toronto Canada. The main reason for developing a new community outreach model is because Cardano Foundation […]

G4S Enters Cryptocurrency Markets To Offer Security

The London Based G4S is now diversifying its security services to include Cryptocurrency security. The company believes that it has what it takes to protect Digital Assets in the wake of the growing sophistication of hackers and cybercriminals. The protection will cover the offline storage of Cryptocurrencies that mainly involves cold wallets. This offering is […]

Horizen Has A Security Solution For Hash-Based Blockchain Platforms

Horizen (previously known as ZenCash) has developed a solution to enhance cybersecurity in Blockchain platforms. The events leading to the discovery were constant security breaches that led Horizen to suffer 51% attacks on its tokens. The new security model will be known as “Proposal to Modify Satoshi Consensus To Enhance Protection Against 51% Attacks – […]

IBM Uses Blockchain To Bring Transparency To The Food Industry

IBM Food Trust has unveiled a Blockchain platform for the food industry. The tech giant hopes to bring transparency to the food chain and enhance foods safety measures. The primary service of the network will be to monitor the food chain to transform the tracking in the supply chain. The launching of the network comes […]

Malta’s Prime Minister Praises Cryptocurrencies And Blockchain Technology In His UN Speech

Joseph Muscat, the Prime Minister of Malta has challenged other countries to embrace altcoins and blockchain technology. Speaking at the United Nation’s General Assembly, Muscat said that the innovation could help in enhancing efficiency. Recently, tech companies such as Google have been reviewing their policy to un-ban Cryptocurrency products. Blockchain To Boost Cryptocurrency Adoption Malta’s […]
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