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Blockchain Gains Ground In Tourism And Travel Industry

Blockchain is making inroads in the travel ecosystem. Apart from helping to streamline the process, it is also fixing some major pain points in an often-busy market. Blockchain Initiatives In The Travel Market There are pilot initiatives that have openly entered the market to make things easier. They include the blockchain-based travel application, KTDI (Known […]

South Africa’s Company In Partnership With A Chinese Blockchain Guru

Sekunjalo, a South African company has partnered with Ultrain which is a leading Chinese public blockchain firm. The two firms have come together to create a new pan-African open Blockchain business hub. It will be called the African Chain 3.0 About The Partnership Sekunjalo Investment Holdings is a diversified investment group. It has announced a […]

China Claims Blockchain Is The Future

Proper blockchain innovation has been endorsed by the official state-owned Chinese media house. However, they have warned the general public to stay away from the hype that comes with the altcoins. The only way of doing this is to keep it rational. Warning To The Crypto Users On the 4th of October, Primitive Ventures’ founding […]

Blockchain Will Improve Management Of Public Finances

In most jurisdictions, the management of public finances is a major issue and trillions of cash end up lost through misappropriation, theft, or poor record-keeping. The effect is that public projects stall and people are left with subpar public infrastructure which lowers the quality of living. One of the often sidestepped solutions to accountability at […]

As Old As Bitcoin; Litecoin Hits 8 Years

Litecoin, a leading Altcoin, emerged from the ashes of the 2009 financial crisis in 2011. At this time, the Crypto proponents were keen on developing a decentralized economy away from the mainstream financial markets that were deemed inefficient and unstable at the time. Despite being in the shadow of the dominant Bitcoin all along, LTC […]

The Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Is Ready For Blockchain

In pharmaceuticals and the life sciences sector, the most valuable commodity is trust. When a patient pops a pill, he is putting his life on the hands of the prescribing doctor and the drug company that developed the pill alongside the supply chain that delivered it to him. Now in drug production and supply, these […]

Hashgraph Is Deployed, Where Is Blockchain Headed?

The public beta of the Hedera Hashgraph has finally been deployed after years of development dating back to 2017. The project developers are promising to offer an enterprise-grade distributed ledger platform. Further, the team says that Hedera is a 3rd generational distributed system that is more advanced than not only Bitcoin but also the second-largest […]

Vitalik Buterin Calls For Participation In Gitcoin Funding

Developers of open source systems and applications are advised to participate in Gitcoin program. Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder and leader of Ethereum, in a tweet, called on players in the field of Blockchain and Crypto to take advantage of the initiative to secure funding for their projects. All that they need to do is to […]

Do You Have Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Skills, NASA Is Looking For You

Job openings calling for Blockchain experts are now becoming common. This is because companies are increasingly looking for DLT experts to build customized Distributed platforms for their services. Additionally, as an emerging skill, the demand for experts by far outweigh the supply unlike other traditional competencies such as banking, law, and accounting. Consequently, Blockchain experts […]

Bitcoin Hash Rate Surges As Miners Scramble For BTC

The Bitcoin Blockchain platform is attracting Crypto miners more than ever before. This is one of the key indicators proving that the Cryptocurrency is set for more adoption in the short and long-run outlooks. The data from monitoring resource Blockchain for September 18 shows that the Bitcoin hash rate has crossed the 102.8 quintillion mark. […]
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