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Blockchain Adoption: Calastone Adopts A Fully Distributed Funds Management Platform

Calastone, on Monday (May 20, 2019) unveiled its iconic Distributed Market Infrastructure (DMI) that is powered by Blockchain. The firm which is a major player in the UK and global mutual funds industry is set to onboard its 1,800 clients into its new Blockchain platform as it radically overhauls managed transactions. At the industry level, […]

Is It Only A Matter Of Time Before Ripple (XRP) Price Hits $20?

Many Crypto enthusiasts and investors are confident that Ripple (XRP) will trade at $20 in the near future. The most common timeline for the surge is predicted to be in 2020. Despite the difficulty in predicting future prices in the Digital markets, it is important to consider that Cryptos such as XRP are long term […]

Kaspersky Lab Launches Blockchain And Crypto Service Pack

Businesses that have adopted Blockchain and those that are in the Crypto economy are set to benefit from the new Kaspersky Lab service pack that has been launched. The Kaspersky service pack offers incident response, protection against phishing, security awareness training, application & website security assessment, and smart contract code review solutions. Most importantly, Kaspersky […]

Research: 27% Of Millennials Prefer Investing In Bitcoin Over Stocks

Millennials, those aged between 18-34, would invest in Bitcoin if the next option is traditional stocks. The findings have been made after a behavioral study by Harris Poll working for Blockchain Capital. The findings of the survey by Harris Poll are also in agreement to an earlier report by Adamant Capital research team. The Adamant […]

Data Storage Is Likely To Switch To Blockchain

Conventional in-house storage enterprise solutions and cloud have been the leading platforms for storing data. However, Blockchain technology platforms are increasingly gaining popularity for holding and securing data and may soon become the primary solution for this critical enterprise need. Distributed ledger platforms are more secure and this makes the Blockchain-based platforms to be perfect […]

How Blockchain can Change the Way Science Works, Explained

Not only do scientists solve the universe’ most complicated issues, but they also encounter the possibility that any other person may be attributed to their hard work. Furthermore, there is vital opposition for monetization and analysts. It’s frequently only those people with a great image and remarkable task experience. Visualize how a lot of bright […]

How Decentralized Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Change Medicine

Artificial intelligence is the hypothesis and advancement of computer networks able to execute duties that typically demand brain power, such as translation between languages, speech recognition, and visual perception. Algorithms are used in Machine learning that acquires knowledge on how to accomplish tasks like classification and prediction without directly being given instructions to do so. […]

How Blockchain Can Be the Backbone of India’s Economy

According to the world economic forum, India currently has approximately 1.34 billion individuals or about 18% of the world’s population. In 2016, Narendra Modi the Indian prime minister declared that the country’s two highest value banknotes would stop being licit tenders. Individuals who had the notes were to take them to the bank. Imperfect as […]

Why Review Sites Need Blockchain, Explained

Analysis shows that almost 93% of consumers say reviews they peruse affect their decisions while buying. In a period where we are purchasing items online without having an actual idea, this can be understood. The individual experiences of other customers can echo more than the salesperson they meet in the market, and that’s why 85% […]

Why the Service Industry Needs Blockchain, Explained

Just like other firms, the service sector is trying to upgrade. Although problems are hindering the advancement. Cash is one of the issues. It is not simple to get the money to expand a firm or start a new one. Getting a loan is also a hard task since banks think you are too old […]
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