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FDA Is Launching A Pilot Blockchain Project For Tracking Drugs

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the latest government agency set to adopt Blockchain technology to solve endemic chall enges in the industry. In this case, the FDA wants to track and monitor prescription drugs from the point of production, to hospitals and pharmacies. The aim is to protect users from bad actors […]

GM Joins The Spring Labs Project To Build Data Security Infrastructure

General Motors (GM) that is based in Detroit City Michigan, has joined the Spring Labs project according to an official press release. This is a Blockchain technology initiative that focuses on enhancing data security for individual enterprises in pursuit of business objectives. It offers a DLT network that safeguards data from loss, third-party interception, and […]

Eva Kaili, A Greece MEP Is Spearheading Blockchain Technology Discussions At EU Level

A Member of European Parliament from Greece, Eva Kaili, is introducing a series of discussions at EU Parliament about Blockchain technology. The MEP elected in 2014 envisions a European Union region that has concrete policies regarding the nascent technology that is touted as revolutionary. According to a Ripple Blog post, the MEP is seeking to […]

Facebook Acquires Blockchain Based Start-Up

As its first official purchase within the Blockchain sphere, social media giant Facebook has acquired Chainspace according to reports made by Cheddar on the 4th of February. Facebook Acquires Chainspace In An Acquihire According to Cheddar, sources have intimated that the social media giant purchased the Blockchain start-up Chainspace through an acquihire. An acquihire is the […]

Chinese Firms Lead In Blockchain And AI Innovation

A survey by UHY Hacker Young reveals that Chinese firms filed the most patents for Blockchain and AI with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The data is for the year 2017 but nonetheless, still illustrates the prevalence of Blockchain and AI in certain countries before and after 2017. It is important to consider that China’s […]

WWF Australia Unveils A Blockchain Platform For Tracking Food

According to a tweet dated 17th January 2019, the World Wildlife Fund-Australia (WWF-Australia) is unveiling a tool for tracking food products. This new platform is using Blockchain technology that has key qualities such as transparency, open-source, and immutability. The main users that this DLT target includes consumers and businesses. Other concerned parties can also access […]

BitFury Surround Unveiled For The Music And Entertainment Industry

A Blockchain technology company based in the US, BitFury has launched a Blockchain platform for the music and entertainment industry. The new network has been labeled as BitFury Surround and is primarily targeting to eliminate the challenges that artists in the music industry face. It also extends its solutions to the problems that stakeholders in […]

Ford To Fight Cobalt Mines Exploitation In The DRC Through Blockchain

Electric cars run on lithium-ion batteries which are made using cobalt and other inputs and the DRC has 60% of the global cobalt reserves. However, in a country where the government is virtually nonexistent in some areas, Cobalt mining is controlled by cartels that buy cobalt from locals who mine the resource in inhuman condition […]

An Organization Is Using Blockchain To Reclaim The Polluted Niger Delta

Sustainability International, a US-based nonprofit organization, is employing the use of Blockchain technology to clean up the Niger Delta in Nigeria. This delta of one of the World’s largest rivers-the Niger river has been heavily polluted by decades of oil spills by oil mining company giants such as Shell and others. The situation has been […]

Positive Crypto Markets Outlook, As New York And Wyoming Lead The Way

New York City is set to unveil a Blockchain center as Wyoming endorses Crypto-friendly motions. The latest development in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency ushers in a positive outlook for the industry as the world ushers in 2019. Notably, in the USA, different states are competing to be the industry’s haven in the midterm and long term. […]
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