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Forecast: Ports To Adopt Blockchain To Manage Port Logistics

According to a forecast from the President of Valencia Chamber of Commerce, José Vicente Morata, Blockchain technology will be adopted in the global logistics chain in the mid to long-term outlook. The technology will help in building and deploying platforms that are safe and distributed to better manage logistics transactions. Additionally, Distributed Ledger Technology (Blockchain) […]

Why Blockchain Might be Good for your Business Skills

There are various business skills one can develop while managing their business. The following are five essential business skills. Discipline and focus Discipline and focus are crucial in any business or field. Currently, there are many distractions and noises everywhere, you should ensure you are always concentrating. Competitive spirit Most successful ideas and firms are […]

Blockchain Research Institute: China’s Renminbi Could Be Tokenized

The executive chairman of the Blockchain Research Institute, David Tapscott, has found out that the national fiat currency of China-Renminbi, could soon become a Cryptocurrency. He reveals the closely-guarded after meeting with the vice president of China who is positive that Cryptocurrency technology has a vital role to play in securing China’s future. This is […]

Blockchain’s Impact on Food and Farming

The most ordinary use of blockchain in agriculture and food technology is to upgrade traceability. It sanctions firms to trail dangerous items faster back to their producer and see where else they have been delivered. Payment processing and storing blockchain information to trace things can be costly. Tracking food origin Tracking a product step by […]

Bloom Launches Bloom Radar For Monitoring Hack Attempts On Personal Platforms

Bloom is a leading security solution platform that use Blockchain technology to offer lending and identity security services. This platform is announcing the rollout of its new platform codenamed as Bloom Radar. Bloom Radar aims to offer a web data monitoring service that is critical for scanning data breaches on personal devices. It notifies customers […]

South Korea’s KT Corporation Launches Blockchain-Powered 5G Network

South Korea’s largest telecom company KT Corporation, has launched its 5G (fifth generation) network brand that is powered by Blockchain technology. This is according to a Korea Times report on April 16th. Codenamed as GiGa Chain, the integration of the Distributed Ledger Technology on the 5G network aims to provide fool-proof security for Internet-of-Things (IoT) […]

Current Challenges of Virtual Reality, Explained

Virtual reality is the current drift in the modern world. Experts everywhere are embracing the significance of VR and stipulating that it will pursue to acquire market share between both illiterate technically savvy. The fashion of VR has been hampered. Nevertheless, due to the absence of entry to standard VR for pioneer’s 3D images. Photo […]

Coffee Board Of India Adopts Blockchain Technology

Technology in agriculture is becoming fundamental as the sector is becoming increasingly modern and receptive to high-tech methods of production and supply chain management. Blockchain technology is one of the ideal technologies that the agriculture industry is using to support some functions such as providing information about soil composition, managing the supply chain, crop insurance, […]

Carrefour Launches A Blockchain Platform To Trace Milk Product

The French retail giant Carrefour is unveiling a Blockchain platform that its customers can use to trace information about milk products. This comes following growing concerns of the quality of milk products among some clients. Launching The Carrefour Quality Line (CQL) The milk products will contain QR codes packaging that the Carrefour customers will be able to […]

EY Hires A Former PwC Blockchain Principle

The Big Four Consulting firms in the US are set to take their rivalry contest a notch higher after EY hired Grainne McNamara who has served as a former PwC Blockchain principal. This means that EY would have the capacity to offer consultancy services to startups and establishments aiming to adopt Blockchain technology. Blockchain technology […]
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