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Vermont Looking Into Blockchain Technology

Vermont has created a study group comprising of its state agencies with the aim of looking into Blockchain technology. Vermont has the smallest number of population in the United States. Working Group To Look Into Blockchain Technology This announcement was made by the state’s attorney general, T.J. Donovan who also stated that the working group […]

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company To Adopt Blockchain As Turkey Prepares To Host A Conference

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company which is abbreviated as ADNOC, has announced plans to employ blockchain technology in its operations. In partnership with IBM, the agency is planning to pilot a transaction management system that uses blockchain from the mining of oil to making it available to the end customers. The technology will be used […]

What Is a Distributed Ledger?

Ledgers, the primary foundation of accounting, are as ancient as writing. They have been generated on various mediums over time starting from clay, stone, papyrus, to paper. However, the invention of blockchain technology led to the introduction of distributed digital ledgers. Are you asking yourself; what is a distributed ledger? Read on to find out. […]

What Can a Blockchain Do?

Are you wondering what can a blockchain do for you or your business? Most probably, you have heard of blockchain technology. However, you may still be asking yourself the question; what can a blockchain do?  Well, the truth of the matter is that blockchain can help individuals to accomplish a wide range of tasks. Blockchain […]

How Does Blockchain Technology Work?

Please explain how does blockchain technology work? This is one of the common requests that we get from our online community. You may have heard the term blockchain technology before in reference to cryptocurrencies. Although the term may seem abstract with little real meaning to its surface, it is a critical element of cryptocurrencies. However, […]

What is Blockchain Technology?

Are you wondering what is blockchain technology? Blockchain technology is undeniably an incredible invention. Since its invention in 2008, blockchain technology has gradually evolved into something greater. However, the primary question that almost every individual is asking out there is: What is Blockchain Technology? This technology has created the foundation of a whole new type […]

Blockchain Technology Is The Key To A Futuristic Insurance Industry

In an interview with Helene Stanway of XL Catlin, Martin Cooper of RITTech confirms that Blockchain technology is the future of an efficient Insurance industry. Martin believes that the largest transformation following the application of the technology will enable underwriters to price risks in near real time. This will have an effect of allowing risk […]

G20 Summit Reiterates Calls To Regulate Cryptocurrencies

Many studies conclude that regulating Digital Assets can often yield positive results on the Cryptocurrency market that is still in its infancy stage. All that needs to be adhered to by regulators is goodwill to nurture the industry and to redirect Crypto trading and transactions in the right direction. However, regulations too can hinder progress […]

Todd Scott: IBM Is Driving Blockchain Technology Adoption

IBM is one of the global players that has great influential power in regards to technology adoption. According to the Vice President in charge of IBM Blockchain Global trade, Todd Scott, the massive company has a “master plan” that seeks to gradually drive innovation and facilitate access to DLT. VP Scott reveals that the heavyweight […]

Technavio: Blockchain-Powered Global Sea Freight To Surge By 3% In 5 Years

In the coming 5-year period effective from 2018 to 2022, a research forecasts that the global sea freight forwarding industry under Blockchain-powered networks will surge. The report further discloses that the compounded annual growth rate for the entire period under review will be by an exceptional 3%. Shipment Industry Is Becoming Sophisticated The study by […]
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