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Sinochem Colaborates To Build A Blockchain Platform

In the latest case of Blockchain implementation, Sinochem Energy Technology Co Ltd is building a new Blockchain platform. According to the latest reports, the company is partnering with Royal Dutch Shell and Macquarie Group in the initiative. A memorandum of understanding (MoU) has already been agreed by the three companies and the project is on […]

Etisalat And The DLD Sign A Deal To Implement A Blockchain Platform

According to a UAE based news outlet, the Gulf Today, the Dubai Real Estate sector is slated for a major shakeup following the signing of a deal between a local telecom’s giant- Etisalat- and the Dubai Land Department (DLD). The two sides have signed a memorandum of understanding to implement a Blockchain project for the […]

Iran Is Using IBM Hyperledger Fabric To Develop A National Blockchain, Borna

The Informatics and Services Corporation (ISC) of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) is developing a national Blockchain platform on the IBM Hyperledger Fabric. Areatak, a Tehran-based Blockchain solutions provider is working with the CBI on the deal that is focusing on delivering a platform for the financial and banking sectors of the country. The […]

Ripple (XRP) Defies Market Downward Pressures And Records A 17% Gain

San Francisco based Ripple (XRP) has gained tremendously in the last 36 hours and it has surged by a whopping 17%, one of the highest in the market. In the 10 major Tokens, XRP is the second most bullish form only behind Bitcoin Cash that is also on a bull run following negative reports about […]

HSBC Unveils Blockchain-Powered Payment System For India

Britain’s HSBC Bank has transacted the first international payment service in India. The award-winning Bank used Blockchain technology to construct a secure platform for proffering issuance of electronic bills of lading and letters of credit. In this particular case, HSBC executed an export deal between the Mukesh Ambani that is part of the Reliance Industries […]

DAFZO: Making Logistics Simple

What is DAFZO? DAFZO is a decentralized global logistics platform that is designed to make international shipping easier and to improve inefficiencies in the logistics industry. DAFZO is able to do this with the help of blockchain technology. There are currently many problems with the international shipping industry such intense requirements from banks such as […]

Bitbose: The Future of Crypto Investments

Bitbose is an advanced trading platform built on blockchain technology. The goal of Bitbose is to make it simpler to make cryptocurrency investments and to generate passive income with advanced trading methods. With Bitbose, investors have access to a number of different investing options including smart portfolio management, crypto/fiat loans, and BOSE coin mining. Essentially, […]

Oracle Launches A New Blockchain Platform

In this month of May, Oracle Corp, an established software icon shall be the latest to enter the blockchain space. The company has announced that it will present its main platform as-a-service Blockchain product. More Partnerships to Follow Once it has presented its platform as a service blockchain product, the company plans to roll out […]