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Roundup 15/01/2019 – Fake News: Russia to Invest $10 bn in Bitcoin & more

Russia to Invest $10 bn in Bitcoin – Fake News Yesterday, the Telegraph reported that Russia is likely going to invest $10 billion in Bitcoin. Vladislav Ginko, a Russian economist, spread the rumour. According to him, the Russian government has done “enormous work” to “start investing huge amounts of Central Bank’s reserves into Bitcoin”. However, […]

Roundup – 10/01/2019 – New CEO for Bitmain as Jihan Wu Resigns & more

New CEO for Bitmain as Jihan Wu Resigns Jihan Wu has recently resigned as the CEO of Bitmain. The biggest crypto mining hardware producer had to layoff a third of its staff, close research facilities in Israel and supposedly has a negative balance sheet for the last two quarters of last year. In addition to […]

Roundup – 11/12/2018 – Bitmain Shuts Down Development Center in Israel & more

Bitmain Shuts Down Development Center in Israel Bitmain has to shut-down its development center in Ra’anana, Israel. The center opened just this year. However, the current bear market and the, so far, negative consequences of the hash war for the Bitcoin Cash ABC faction have led to this harsh decision. So far, it is not […]

Roundup – 07/12/2018 Bithumb Overtakes Binance as Korean Won Dominates the Market & more

Bithumb Overtakes Binance as Korean Won Dominates the Market The monthly report of the crypto market analyzer Cryptocompare for November has many intereting insights on the cryptomarket. An interesting development is the fact that Bithumb overtook Binance in November as the largest exchange by volume. It is very likely that this is only a temporary […]

Why you should Consider Investing in Mining Hardware Producers

Investors have a saying: “During the gold rush, don’t invest in gold, invest in shovels.” Mining hardware is for Bitcoin & Co. what shovels are for gold. There is no way around efficient mining hardware whether it comes to the security of a cryptocurrency or its transaction rate. So if you believe that cryptocurrency is […]

Roundup 26/09/2018 – Google allows crypto ads, Squire Mining partners with Samsung

Google will allow ads on cryptocurrencies again – in US and Japan Google has updated its policies on cryptocurrency and blockchain related ads. As a consequence of this, the tech giant will lift the ban on advertisements featuring these technologies. However, the lift only accounts for the United States and Japan. The official statement says […]

The first “hash war” in Bitcoin has started

The major fork in August 2017 that led to the fork of BCH from BTC led to a division that favored BTC with a big majority regarding the hash power. However, there was no real “hash war” between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. The hash power was indecisive in this forking process as the separation was […]

Chinese Firms That Make Bitcoin Mining Rigs Are Seeking Hong Kong IPOs

Media reports indicate that the three largest firms in the world for making Bitcoin mining equipment are seeking to raise billions of dollars at IPOs in Hong Kong. Manufacturers of mining chips have been grappling with decreasing demand for their products as the Bitcoin price continues to elicit mixed reactions in the market. However, this […]

Daily Roundup: 7th August 2018 – Most crypto crimes in the USA, Mining in Texas & more than 3500 Bitcoin ATMs

Most crypto crimes originate in the US According to Group-IB, a Russian cybersecurity company. The USA are the country from which the most cyber crimes in the crypto space originate. The data gathered by Group-IB indicates that more than half of all cyber crimes originate in the US. The second highest rate has the Netherlands with 21,5%. […]

Daily Roundup 18th July – Pump & Dump in the markets? Paxful reaches out to Venezuelan Unbanked, Bitmain triples its staff & more

Breakout – short squeeze or pump and dump? The markets gained a strong push yesterday after sitting more than a week at the resistance level of about $6000 USD.  The break out surprised many traders. It is likely that shorters tried to even out their positions by buying Bitcoin etc. which is called a short squeeze. […]
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