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Bitcoin Breaks The $4,000 Level Of Resistance

Bitcoin investors and the entire Cryptocurrency market is optimistic of a better 2019 following the breaking of BTC level of resistance that had been set at $4,000. Although in the last 24 hours BTC has shed off 0.14% of its value, it is still a piece of welcome news that the price is at the […]

Roundup – 07/01/2019 – Bitcoin Transaction Fees at 2 Year Low & more

Bitcoin Transaction Fees at 2 Year Low Transaction fees on the Bitoin network are as low as they have been in late 2016. Around that time Bitcoin was worth less than $1000. A rally that continued until around 1 year later during which transaction fees rose to the infamous price of more than $50 per […]

How To Buy ICO Tokens: Beginner’s Guide

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) or token sales have emerged as the favorite way for blockchain-based startups to raise capital. Given the newness of blockchain technology, most companies in the sector have found it challenging to raise funds through the available methods in the traditional banking system forcing them to go for ICOs. For the average […]

Marking 10 Years After Mining The First Bitcoin Block

Exactly 10 years ago on 3rd of January 2009, Bitcoin’s Genesis Block was mined at 18:15:05 UTC. The significance of this event is the existence of the whole Blockchain and Crypto industry that is currently valued at $130,000,000,000. Blockchain technology has transformed industries such as finance, insurance, banking, etc. by creating efficiency, trust, reliability, and […]

Roundup – 03/Jan/2019 – Bitcoin’s 10th Anniversary Amidst Crypto Winter

Bitcoin’s 10th Anniversary Amidst Crypto Winter The first message on the Bitcoin blockchain is a simple quotation that reads “The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on Brink of second Bailout for Banks”. Back then the financial crisis was still ongoing. To some, it might come as a surprise that we are discussing again whether another financial crisis […]

Bitcoin May Have Had A Bear 2018, But 2019 Is The Redemption Year

Between the beginning of January 2018 and the end of the year, Bitcoin has slumped from its historical high of $19,500 to the current low of $3,740.98. This is presenting a rare opportunity for yet-to-be investors to buy BTC. Investors are now looking forward to 2019 particularly to see whether the sell-off cycle that the […]

What Is The Difference Between Litecoin And Bitcoin?

Cryptocurrency has become a common term these days. This has led to new cryptocurrencies finding their way onto the market almost every day. If you’re not careful, you might find it difficult to tell one cryptocurrency from another. In this guide, we’ll talk about two of the most popular cryptocurrencies we have today, Litecoin and […]

Yen Overtakes US Dollar In Bitcoin Pairing

From the onset of Bitcoin in 2008 and other Cryptocurrencies in the following years, the US Dollar has been the most preferred fiat pairing for BTC and other Cryptocurrencies. According to Coinhills, a Crypto evaluation, and data monitoring site, the Japanese Yen has replaced the US Dollar as the most traded fiat pair for Bitcoin. Market […]

Ripple vs Bitcoin: Key Differences

Bitcoin is not only the oldest but also the largest and most popular Cryptocurrency. However, this has not stopped the development of other altcoins. In 2015, Ripple, a San Francisco based tech company created XRP virtual currency. The coin has grown to become one of the leading competitors. “The next Bitcoin” is a term that […]

How To Sell Ripple For USD Or Bitcoin

Ripple’s XRP recently overtook Ethereum’s ETH to be the world’s second largest Cryptocurrency at market capitalization dimension. Although this figure is highly volatile and can barely last 24hrs in its numbers, the fact still remains that most Cryptocurrency enthusiasts prefer investing in XRP more than all Cryptocurrencies except Bitcoin (BTC) that remains a leader at […]
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