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The Cost Of Mining Bitcoin

Ever since its inception, mining bitcoin has grown in enormous proportions. The process now involves operations with data centers and computer processors. The consequence has been racked up electrical bill for those engaging in the operation. Mining of cryptocurrencies especially bitcoin has become quite an expensive business. Overwhelming electricity bills from the operation are accruing […]

Blockchain Could Make Powered Electric Car Charging Systems Adaptable & More

Blockchain Could Make Powered Electric Car Charging Systems Adaptable The auto industry is set to experience an extraordinary change. Researchers have come up with a blockchain powered hybrid energy system. The project aims at facilitating the adoption of electric cars which are deemed to be the future of the automotive industry. This technology will also […]

15 Nations Plan To Unveil A System For Monitoring Crypto Transactions & More

15 Nations Plan To Unveil A System For Monitoring Crypto Transactions 15 nations have joined hands with the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) in a bid to fight financial crime that is taking place in the Crypto economy. The nations have formed a task force that will announce the platform in 2020 ahead of a […]

Bitcoin’s Road To Adoption

According to its whitepaper, bitcoin is a peer to peer electronic cash system. Early adopters of the technology hoped it would be used as a transaction means across the globe. This has not been the case ten years later. The flagship cryptocurrency has evolved to become a means of storing value and many other different […]

Shorting On Bitcoin: Everything You Need To Know

Short selling bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency is a way of making profit when the coin’s value drops. This investment option involves high risks and is best suited for experienced traders. We explore the five different ways you can short sell bitcoin but first, here are the fundamentals: What Short Selling Involves It is essentially […]

Bitcoin Pushing Towards $12,000 & More

Bitcoin Pushing Towards $12,000 Bitcoin price is hitting back even harder after the dip experienced in the last few weeks. Its price had plummeted to below $10,000 and raised fears of a bear run. However, the leading digital coin has managed to recover back to over $11,000. It is now pushing its way towards the […]

Why Bitcoin Prices May Go Up This Week

Bitcoin’s price continued to rise at the beginning of the week. A number of factors can be accredited to the uptrend. The same reasons are leading top analysts and crypto experts to believe that bitcoin could reach new highs this month. Bitcoin’s price has been rising since the beginning of the week. The drive to […]

Bitcoin Pushing Towards $12,000

Bitcoin’s dominance is phenomenal. It shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. It’s all about resilience and hitting back harder especially after a dip. Its journey is nothing short of amazing. Starting the year trading at $3,717, a complete shadow of the price it had registered exactly a year ago. Bitcoin has been breaking boundaries […]

Bitcoin To Hit $100,000 By 2021 – Wall Street Vets & More

Bitcoin To Hit $100,000 By 2021 – Wall Street Vets Since February 2019, Bitcoin’s first positive month in a long time, Bitcoin has gained more than twice of its last quarter of 2018 value. However, the last several days has seen Bitcoin price experiencing a few corrections here and there. But this hasn’t broken investor’s […]

Bitcoin Bulls Edge Out Bears, Breakout In The Offing

It now appears that the previous talks of a possibly bear market could have just been nothing but illusions. On the morning of 2nd August 2019, the price of Bitcoin climbed back to over $10,000 to a price that is close to $10,500. This has happened at a time when the market has shown an […]
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