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The Ultimate Guide To Bitcoin Cards

What are Bitcoin debit cards? A Bitcoin debit card is a payment card that allows you to use your cryptocurrency tokens as if they were fiat cash. It is a brilliant way to navigate the fact that there are still just a really few places accept Bitcoin (or any other cryptocurrency) as legal tender. The […]

XAPO Review

What is XAPO? XAPO claims to be the first real Bitcoin debit card on the market. It’s not entirely accurate, as Bitwala was the first business to use the service. XAPO was. Nevertheless, the very first company to connect Bitcoin to their card Being a pioneer in any field includes advantages and drawbacks. The benefits […]

Wirex Review

What is Wirex? Wirex is a Bitcoin debit card company based in London and has been trading as a company since 2014. Their debit card makes it possible for users to go shopping both in physical and online stores. Benefits of Wirex Wirex covers 130 nations throughout the world, so there is a good chance that […]

WageCan Review

What is WageCan? WageCan sets itself apart from other Bitcoin debit card issuers. Rather than partnering with Visa, WageCa has chosen for MasterCard. The card is particularly popular among digital nomads and freelancers on the go. The business behind WageCan is based in Taiwan and introduced their services back in 2014. The creators of WageCan […]

Uquid Review

What is Uquid? Uquid is a UK-based company that issues cryptocurrency debit cards. The company issues both virtual and physical debit cards. In this review, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of the Uquid Bitcoin debit card. Benefits of Uquid You’re not just restricted to storing Bitcoin with this card. It supports […]

ConsenSys MD: Blockchain Is Transforming Customer Experience Delivery For Businesses

According to Lory Kehoe- the MD of ConsenSys, Distributed Ledger Technology is becoming a popular strategy for businesses that are looking for ways of boosting customer experience on their networks. Hence, the vast potential of Blockchain technology will be the avenue for creating smart networks for various use cases. In this regard, Lory is drawing […]

Google Searches For Bitcoin Spikes Indicating Renewed Interest In Cryptos

With the current bearish markets, some quarters have been adamant in proclaiming that it is the beginning of the end of Cryptocurrencies. As the world’s largest Crypto Asset, Bitcoin’s price movements have been at the central focus of debates and lengthy reports forecasted that the selloff scenario would increase dramatically as demand and interest wane. […]

Bitcoin Investors To Be Given A Tax Cut In France

Based on a recent report published on a French news site, Assemblée Nationale, which is the lower house of parliament in France is committed to introducing a tax cut for Bitcoin investors. It has backed an earlier proposal from its finance commission that would bring the taxes associated with Bitcoin gains in line with taxes […]

Election of Pro Crypto Politicians Stabilizes the US Cryptocurrency Market

Thanks to the just concluded midterm elections here in the United States, the US cryptocurrency market has become stable following a period of huge price fluctuations and gains. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading steadily at $6,500 and other altcoins are benefit from this stability. Pro Crypto Politicians Elected in the United States […]

Turkish Cybercrime Department Arrest 11 for Hacking Crypto Wallets

Turkish Cybercrime Department has arrested 11 suspects in connection to hacking of crypto wallets. Cryptocurrency investors whose digital wallets were hacked lost more than $80,000 as reported by one of the major Turkish newspapers. In the news article, 14 cryptocurrency investors reported to the police that their cryptocurrency wallets had been hacked and their Bitcoin […]
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