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Roundup – 10/03/2019 – Report: Ethereum Has More than Twice Developers Than Bitcoin & more

Report: Ethereum Has Twice as Many Developers as Bitcoin The crypto investment management firm Electric Capital has released a report that compares Bitcoin’s with Ethereum’s developers. It revealed that Ethereum is by far the most active cryptocurreny regarding the developers that contribute code to the coin’s repositories. The report says that Bitcoin is in a […]

Fidelity Team And LinkedIn Co-Founder Participate In Lightning Torch

The latest participants to receive payments in the Lightning Torch are Reid Hoffman who is the co-founder of LinkedIn and a digital assets team from Fidelity Investments. These two companies are global giants in career networking and financial services respectively. Therefore, their indirect participation in the Lightning torch is vital with respect to raising awareness […]

Roundup – 19/02/2019 – Norwegian City Replaces Fiat With Own Cryptocurrency

Liberstad – Norwegian Smart City Replaces Fiat With Own Cryptocurrency Liberstad, a city in southern Norway, has abolished Fiat money in favor of its own cryptocurrency. The new money of Liberstad has the name City Coin (CITY). The people of Liberstad have already adopted CITY to buy goods and services. A spokesman of the city spoke […]

Crypto Market In The Green As Bitcoin Breaks The Level Of Resistance

Bitcoin (BTC) has been trading within the range of $3,400 and $3,600 from the beginning of the year. The BTC chart from February 8th, 2019 shows little variations as the price established itself around $3, 600. In this last 10 days, it seemed as if the level of resistance which had formed at $3, 700 […]

SEC Commissioner Reveals That Bitcoin ETF Will Be Approved, Eventually

Robert J. Jackson Jr, a US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Commissioner has revealed that the much-anticipated Bitcoin ETF will be approved. However, he adds that this will happen “eventually” which raises questions about the timeframe that the event would occur. Nonetheless, Robert’s statement shows that all that proponents need to do is to satisfy […]

Jack Dorsey: Bitcoin Is Internet’s Native Currency

The CEO of Square and Twitter, Jack Dorsey, has finally revealed his position about Bitcoin-the largest Cryptocurrency in the world. Jack, perhaps one of the most influential personalities in the world, wrote that Bitcoin is the native currency to “internet deals”. Further, the tweet said that Bitcoin is resilient and principled and hence very much […]

Bitcoin (BTC) Holds Steady At $3,400 For The Time Being

Bitcoin price has been holding steady at the support level of $3,400 for the last couple of days. On the other hand, the resistance level has been established at $3,500. This is a very narrow range and experts are divided about the timeframe of the scenario. It is very unclear whether the chances of a […]

Komodo Allows Users To Build On Bitcoin Efficiently

According To the general manager of Komodo, Ben Fairbank, Komodo network allows users to use Bitcoin Blockchain in their tokenized systems. These platforms rely on the immutability and security of Bitcoin while avoiding the inconveniences of building on it. Thus, Komodo is an essential technology that integrates Bitcoin supporting tools into Crypto-based use cases and […]

Bitcoin Breaks The $4,000 Level Of Resistance

Bitcoin investors and the entire Cryptocurrency market is optimistic of a better 2019 following the breaking of BTC level of resistance that had been set at $4,000. Although in the last 24 hours BTC has shed off 0.14% of its value, it is still a piece of welcome news that the price is at the […]

Roundup – 07/01/2019 – Bitcoin Transaction Fees at 2 Year Low & more

Bitcoin Transaction Fees at 2 Year Low Transaction fees on the Bitoin network are as low as they have been in late 2016. Around that time Bitcoin was worth less than $1000. A rally that continued until around 1 year later during which transaction fees rose to the infamous price of more than $50 per […]
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