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Before You Invest In Bitcoin, Three Things You Should Know

You probably already know that Bitcoin halving is upon us. You may also know that bitcoin prices always rise in the period preceding halving. We guess you already know that BTC has surpassed the $10k halving. Therefore you perceive this to be the greatest opportunity for profit by holding onto BTC and you are wondering […]

Bitcoin Now Past $10k

Less than 24 hours ago, the cryptocurrency space witnessed as bitcoin went past $10,000. It was the first time BTC reached the milestone since September 22nd last year. We’d like to tell you how surprising the move was but it was not. We have been expecting this for weeks now. At the moment, the price […]

The New Bitcoin Emoji on Twitter

After close to 3,000 retweets, the twitter management team has finally decided to heed to the call. We finally have a bitcoin emoji. This comes months after bitcoin enthusiasts led by self-anointed bitcoin evangelist Anthony Pompliano lobbied the social media platform to design an emoji for the beloved cryptocurrency. The new emoji now comes up […]

Analyst Who Foresaw Fall To $3k Fall Predicts a Surge To $14k

The bullish price on bitcoin chart was broken to the upside on Thursday although it ended up rejected by a resistance on $9,600. Currently, the level has lowered back to $9,300. The volume on top 10 exchanges with significant volume has also dropped to half its level. Despite the fall, Mati Greenspan, founder of Quantum […]

Litecoins Targets $107 by April

The month of January has seen some reshuffles in ranking for top assets. Litecoin and EOS particularly have been in a battle for the 7th position. Currently, Litecoin is leading with a small lead of $10 million and a market cap of $3.98 billion. There is no doubt, Litecoin is having a wonderful day, registering […]

Past $9300, Bitcoin now Targets $10k

The week has been extremely positive for bitcoin. Bulls were able to break the $9,198 high and after two consecutive days of +5% gains each, the price sits confidently above $9,300. The breaking increases bitcoin’s momentum alongside an increasing bull volume. It is also a great sign of an imminent bull. The daily Relative Strength […]

Bitcoin’s Most Important Move Since 2015

Lately, the flagship cryptocurrency has seen a lot of ups and downs. Bitcoin is yet to make a move that would set its course in the coming months and weeks. If the currency were to make such a move, it would be the most important since 2015. According to the monthly chart, such a move […]

Bitcoin, Ripple And The World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum happened to be in Davos last week. And among the topics of discussion were cryptocurrencies and bitcoin. The Bitcoin Situation Speaking of bitcoin, the heroic ascent to $9k was over even before it was celebrated. The price quickly hit back to $8650 before reporters could digest what had happened. But it […]

Ethereum Outpaces Bitcoin

One of the cryptocurrencies being fancied to peak this year is Ethereum. The cryptocurrency has already taken a head start when it comes to real-world applications. Blame it on the smart contract feature supported on ETH. It has found real use in the DeFi sector. Ethereum’s price stands at $162 with a market cap of […]

Analysts Still Adamant Bitcoin Will Peak Despite an Aggressive Downtrend

The last 24 hours haven’t been the best for bitcoin. Earlier on, crypto enthusiasts witnessed a downtrend with a price slip of 7%. The coin fell from a promising $9,150 to $8,600 with some exchanges registering as low as $8,450. The new trend seemed brutal for traders who expected the price to shoot up after […]
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