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Price Analysis For BTC Today

The past week has not been the best one for Bitcoin. The crypto coin lost close to 20% within seven days. The Only Positive Sign The bad thing is that it is still not easy to see the end of those strong price declines. But there are still some positive signs seen at the end […]

Bitcoin Price Analysis Today

It appears that this leading crypto coin by market cap is facing a decision point today. The week began with huge price declines for the coin. Things have not been so good in the past three days. Bitcoin has been slightly trading above the support area of $8000. Ground For Positive Correction? Many have asked […]

Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork Comes To An End

The earlier planned hard fork for BCH has been successfully completed. In the process, BitMEX Research noted the first block considered to be invalid. This was contained on a tweet on the 15th November 2019. About The Invalid Block The block was detected by Fork Monitor at the height of 609,136. It was then considered […]

Bitcoin Price Analysis

The price of the leading crypto coin, Bitcoin is still fighting to rebound to a higher price. It has continued to drop below the main support level of $9,300 against the US dollar. More declines might be recorded if the price breaks the support level of $9,120. BTC Now Showing Bearish Signs At the moment, […]

Where Next For Bitcoin After The Sudden Rise

Seems like the bulls are back. And judging from its behavior the last three days, this time, it promises style and aggressiveness. The weekend saw bitcoin break the $10,000 level. The price went as high as $10,350, according to Bitstamp data. This is the highest of bitcoin’s price since September 24. Meanwhile, the average price […]

Bitcoin’s Up Again: Indicators Of A Potential Reversal

Bitcoin continues to fend off support in the $7800 region in what is the fifth week. The currency recently regained back up over $8200. Perhaps an indicator of a potential reversal in the cards. But what other reasons could be attributed to bitcoin’s recent price behaviour? BTC Price Holds A new bottom for bitcoin? BTC/USD […]

International Intelligence Could Be Set For A Revolution With Bitcoin

For years, naysayers have been vocal that Bitcoin is an enabler of illicit activities. They have often been citing the numerous cases where Crypto, in general, has been used in the dark web for illicit activities such as money laundering, child abuse, terror financing, tax evasion, etc. However, unsealed court documents indicate that investigators have […]

Plan B: Why Bitcoin May Surge By 150%

They say history repeats itself. And when it comes to bitcoin, we really hope it does. The currency has, in the past, experienced some great times. Nobody would mind if they reoccurred. Analysts acknowledge the importance of history in predicting trends in the bitcoin market. The fact is, bitcoin has indeed made a repeat of […]

Bitcoin Indicates Signs Of Important Reversal

At the moment, the price of Bitcoin has risen 5% more and it broke the main resistance against the main US Dollar. The key resistance was at $8,500. The BTC price is now consolidating gains over the support levels of $8,500 and $8,400. Current BTC Price Analysis On 9th October 2019, a minor downside correction […]

What Just Happened To Bitcoin and Where Next?

Bitcoin’s price is in the depths of uncertainty after falling to the lower $8000 range. Enthusiasts have been left wondering what happened and how the crypto’s largest asset found itself there, especially after an exciting rise from $3,330 to $13,880 in the early stages of the year. June 26th became bitcoin’s peak price this year […]
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