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Craig Wright Files Bitcoin Patents, Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day & more

Bitcoin SV Surges After Craig Wright Files Bitcoin Patents Craig S Wright has filed two patents that concern the authorship of Bitcoin. He claims to be the originator of both the whitepaper of Bitcoin and of the original code of Bitcoin. Wright made the registrations on the 11th of April and the 13th of April […]

Roundup – 29/03/2019 – Ex-Lawyer Hints at Untold Story of QuadrigaCX & more

QuadrigaCX’s Ex-Lawyer Hints at Untold Story of the Exchange An ex-lawyer of QuadrigaCX made the statement that QuadrigaCX went down the “path of lawlessness” in 2015 already. Back then QuadrigaCX hired Duhaime Law, Christine Duhaime’s law firm to set up a statutory prospectus. A document that the SEC requires from entities that aims to collect […]

Bitcoin SV Unneccesarily Re-Invented Bitcoin Maximalism

Bitcoin SV integrates its own ‘internet’ into the blockchain. The so-called Metanet is designed to reinvent not only money but the internet itself. The leading developers behind the project are Steven Shadders and _unwriter. The latter developer famously slandered Bitcoin Cash (BCH) publicly in a blog in favor of Bitcoin SV. Ever since he is […]

Roundup – 07/01/2019 – Bitcoin Transaction Fees at 2 Year Low & more

Bitcoin Transaction Fees at 2 Year Low Transaction fees on the Bitoin network are as low as they have been in late 2016. Around that time Bitcoin was worth less than $1000. A rally that continued until around 1 year later during which transaction fees rose to the infamous price of more than $50 per […]

Roundup – 05/01/2019 – Stablecoin Issuers Will Likely Need Licences in Texas

Stablecoin Issuers Will Likely Need Licences in Texas The Texas Department of Banking announced that stablecoin issuers might need licences in the future if they want to operate in the state. According to the update of a guideline, stablecoins might qualify as money. The decisive statement in the document says “In contrast, because a sovereign-backed […]

Crypto Markets Break Major Support Line Ahead of Bitcoin Cash Fork

For the first time since the beginning of the correction in the crypto markets since December 2017 the chart of Bitcoin has broken the major support level at around $6000. As of writing this, the price sits at $5730. Though, it is not clear if the price of Bitcoin hit the bottom yet. The breakdown […]

Roundup – 12/11/2018 – Activist Stores Anti-Government Song on Zcoin Blockchain & more

Activist Stores Anti-Government Song on Zcoin Blockchain An anonymous user has stored the IPFS link of an anti-government rap song of several Thai rappers. The artists accuse the Thai state of corruption, anti-democratic practices, oppression, robbery and violence. Several of the rappers have to answer before the court for the song. Currently, officials still discuss […]