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Binance Charity Foundation And UNDP Form A Partnership For Social Services

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is collaborating with the Charity Foundation of Binance to explore the benefits of Blockchain technology in social projects. The partnership is designed to find solutions that can enable UNDP to roll out its agenda. Details Of the Partnership Binance Blockchain Charity Foundation donated $1 million towards UNDP projects. The […]

Binance Is On An Expansion Mission To Five Continents

The Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao, reveals that Binance will expand to five continents in a bit to bring their services closer to people. The firm will carry out this ambitious plan by opening crypto exchanges in strategic locations. Further, the CEO reveals that the number of the centers will range from ten to at least […]

Daily Roundup 9th August 2018: Why you should move to Venezuela if you are bullish on Bitcoin & more

Bitcoin price doubles every 18 days! – in Venezuela The price of Bitcoin has been plummeting since December. However, this has not stopped the cryptocoin to become extremely valuable in Venezuela. Recently, the socialist country made headlines with inflation rates with five digits. The IMF predicts an inflation rate of 1,000,000% by the end of […]

Daily Roundup: 4th August 2018 – Binance and FBI talk about Tether, Coinbase released new payment solution

Ex-FBI investigator talks about Tether audit Louis Freeh, a former FBI director and co-founder of the law-firm Freeh, Sporkin & Sullivan (FSS). The company conducted a private audit of Tether in June. In its report, FSS stated that they are “Confident that Tether’s unencumbered assets exceed the balance of fully-backed USD Tethers in circulation as of […]

Daily Roundup: 24th July 2018 – China cracks down on Bitcoin miners in Muslim province, EU’s “battle plan” against Crypto & more

Binance will expand to South Korea Since the sentiment in the markets have switched to the bulls again, many exchanges launched expansion campaigns. Coinbase hires known Wallstreet experts to lure institutional money into crypto, SBI Holdings launches its own exchange and now Binance announced to expand to South Korea. The exchange added South Korean as […]

Binance To Enter The South Korean Crypto Market

Business Korea has said that Binance is planning to enter the South Korean Crypto market. This year, the company will open between three and five local corporations in the country. The Cryptocurrency exchange is considered the largest one in the world in terms of daily trading volume. The firm is entering a market that is […]

China’s War On Cryptocurrencies Leads To A Decrease In Bitcoin Trading In The Country’s Currency

  • By Samantha Mitchell
  • July 9, 2018
  • 1 Comment
The central bank of China has reported a drop in Bitcoin trading in Renminbi (RMB) to below one percent of the global total. In 2017, the People’s Republic of China banned yuan-Crypto trade. Consequently, many Chinese Crypto businesses, among them some of the world’s top trading platforms ceased their operations in the country. The People’s […]

One Company Promises To Stop Cryptocurrency Hackers

It is no secret that Crypto market has been a victim of hackers since its early days. Last month, two South Korea-based Cryptocurrency exchanges lost coins worth around $70 million to hackers. Most of the stolen Cryptocurrencies are in circulation and it is challenging to quantify the actual amount. In the wake of increasing cases […]

Good Tidings For Ethereum And Bitcoin Cash

The trading volumes of two major virtual coins; Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash has gone up at a time when another industry leader, Ripple has continued to drop in its trading volume. Compared to the previous months, both the digital coins witnessed a major upsurge in their trading volumes. While Bitcoin recorded a monthly average of […]

Ripple To Drop ‘Ripple’ In Its Coin

Although Ripple is a company and a cryptocurrency, only a few people can tell the difference. This is mainly because the company was responsible for the development of the ripple (XRP) Cryptocurrency. Moreover, the firm owns much of the currency. However, Ripple the company is now determined to clear this confusion by separating the two […]
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