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Roundup – 19/04/2019 – Bitcoin Has Been Swedens National Currency for 30 Minutes

Bitcoin Has Been Swedens National Currency for 30 Minutes Socialdemokraterna – the Swedish Social Democrats and currently the ruling party of Sweden have tweeted this week that they have abolished the Swedish Crown. In favor of Bitcoin. According to the tweet, it is now the time to buy. However, the account managers deleted the tweet […]

Colorado Digital Token Act Seeks To Exempt Cryptos From Securities Law

The US Government agencies such as the SEC and the CFTF have been creating laws and avenues of regulating Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology. Securities laws are prominent in this endeavor and that is about to be subject to a new law that is being filed in the state of Colorado titled as “Colorado Digital Token […]

Roundup – 05/10/2018 – Bill to work on common definition of blockchain in the US & more

TRON Launches Project Atlas to Bring All BitTorrent Users to its Blockchain According to a recent report, more than 100 million users actively use BitTorrent. The huge market share is one of the primary factors that motivated TRON to purchase the company together with all the users in July this year. Concisely, BitTorrent is a […]