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BTC Price Contention At $10k

The bears on Wednesday last week took a toll on bitcoin. But BTC needed that to continue a rally to fresh highs. As we begin the week, BTC grapples at $10k. What could the new week hold for the flagship cryptocurrency? A Bearish And Bullish Scenario Last week’s downtrend was devastating for the bulls, to […]

Organizations Now Bearish On Bitcoin – Here’s The Expected Outcome

Analysts have started to flip bullish on BTC. This is not the first time they are having the cheery sentiment. They are citing both technical and fundamental factors to back their claims. But not all in the entire market are hopeful. The organizational investors are currently more bearish than they are bullish on the altcoin. […]

Bitcoin Price Analysis

The price of the leading crypto coin, Bitcoin is still fighting to rebound to a higher price. It has continued to drop below the main support level of $9,300 against the US dollar. More declines might be recorded if the price breaks the support level of $9,120. BTC Now Showing Bearish Signs At the moment, […]

Bitcoin Price Is Stable Again

It is a fact that BTC wasn’t able to ignite much interest towards the end of October 2019. The next Bitcoin halving will probably be in the next 194 days. For those who are deeply involved in the crypto affairs, this appears like an eternity. But the news is that Bitcoin is now stable. The […]

Clean Crypto Exchanges Revealed & More

Clean Crypto Exchanges Revealed A new report by the Blockchain Transparency Institute (BTI) reveals that Kraken and Coinbase are the cleanest Crypto exchanges. The BTI offers market surveillance and focuses on analyzing volumes that Crypto exchanges provide. Past studies show that most of the volumes are exaggerated which misguides investors into investing in underperforming Digital […]

It’s a buyers’ Market As Bearish Momentum Looms

In the last 36 hours, the Crypto market experienced a widespread bearish condition as most Digital Token pairs were trading in the red. Some of the Cryptos that hit weekly lows include BTC, ETH, and XRP that collectively dominate over 80% of the total market capitalization on Coinmarketcap data. This drop has been precipitated by […]

Ripple Price Could Soar Further, As BTC Breaks The $10,500 Barrier

After trading below the support level of $0.2900 against the USD, the price of Ripple has steadily recovered. It climbed unexpectedly higher and even broke the major resistance levels of $0.3200 and $0.3000. The coin is now showing a number of positive signs above its market price of $0.3200 against its main competitor, the US […]

Technical Analysis #CW34 – no Reason to FOMO

The media is full of news and there is a slight optimism for further upward movement. But before making any FOMO decisions you should always research the market situation and consider where the market is located. As the market seems to be undecided at the moment, let’s discuss both sides. A look at the downtrend […]