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State Resistance Against Facebook’s Libra Coin Is Growing & more

State Resistance Against Facebook’s Libra Coin Is Growing After Facebook has revealed the whitepaper and technical details of Libra for the first time, resistance against this new form of digital money is growing. The French finance and economy minister, Bruno Le Maire, already spoke out against Libra that ‘it must not happen’. Similarly, critical voices […]

This Week in Crypto #28/18

South Korea’s exchanges make progress in self-regulatory South Korean  Crypto exchanges conduct self-regulatory measurements. But so far, only 14 out of 23 exchanges took part in the exercise. 12 out of the 14 participants met the self-regulatory standards. Despite actual security flaws, many critics are forced to question the effectiveness of the inspection. eToro wants to set […]

Blockchain Hack: Theft from Bancor Hacking Confirmed as $23.5 million

Bancor, a Tel Aviv-Israel based Blockchain startup firm has lost $23.5 million according to the latest reports. The information from the management reveals that the hackers inputted a malicious code in one of the wallets and were able to withdraw 229,356,645 PundiX (NPXS) tokens worth $1 million, 3,200,000 Bancor (BNT) tokens worth $10 million and […]