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Open Interest On Bitcoin Futures While Tezos Sets Eyes On $5.00 USD

Interest in bitcoin futures has now surpassed $5 billion. This is according to data by The Block which suggests that amassed open interest on Bitcoin futures contract has now surpassed $5 billion. It is a strong signal that money has begun flowing into the market. Open interest is an illustration of the value of outstanding […]

End Of A Busy Week In The Crypto Space

  • By Samantha Mitchell
  • December 1, 2019
  • 1 Comment
It is the end of another busy week in both the forex and crypto exchange markets. As expected, the past seven days have been loaded up with activities. Some of the trending headlines included the hacking of UpBit, and the acquisition of the TD Ameritrade by Charles Schwab. These and more have made up the […]

Bakkt Bitcoin Futures Responsible For Market Crash, Analysts Say

Bitcoin price has tanked by about 20% in the previous week to hit lows of $8,000. This brings into memory the sharp decline that was witnessed soon after the BTC/USD peak of 20,089 on December 17, 2017. However, there is no consensus among analysts whether the plunge would continue. Meanwhile, there is a widespread theory […]

Where Next After Bitcoin’s Implosion?

Bitcoin just experienced a catastrophic market implosion. The downward spiral plummeted bitcoin’s price down by 17% to as low as $8000 before it started stabilizing. In the aftermath of the catastrophe when the bleeding stopped, investors were left asking questions like what just happened. And now, they are concerned with where it is headed next. […]

What Bakkt Launch Means For Bitcoin

In August 2018, the New York Stock Exchange parent company-Intercontinental Exchange announced that they would be venturing into cryptocurrencies with the launch of Bakkt, a new company. It was one of the biggest news last year at a time when prices were all over the place. The parent company stated that it would go live […]

Why Bitcoin Prices May Go Up This Week

  • By Samantha Mitchell
  • August 6, 2019
Bitcoin’s price continued to rise at the beginning of the week. A number of factors can be accredited to the uptrend. The same reasons are leading top analysts and crypto experts to believe that bitcoin could reach new highs this month. Bitcoin’s price has been rising since the beginning of the week. The drive to […]

Facebook Sells GlobalCoin Nodes to Big Players, Binance Closes Service In US & more

Binance Closes Its Service To US Customers Binance will block US customers from using its exchange. This will go into effect from September on. Two weeks prior, Binance DEX already announced that it will exclude customers from the US and 28 other countries from July on. It is likely that Binance made this decision in […]

Bakkt Will Start Bitcoin Futures Trading In July, Paxos Stablecoin Instantly Redeemable & more

Bakkt Will Start Bitcoin Futures Trading In July The CEO of Bakkt, Kelly Loeffler, announced that institutional investors will be able to trade Bitcoin futures on its platform. In order to do so, Bakkt is cooperating closely with ICE, the parent company of Bakkt. In cooperation with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Bakkt recently concentrated […]

Roundup – 09/01/2019 – French Tobacco Shops Start to Sell Bitcoin & more

French Tobacco Shops Start Selling Bitcoin KeplerK has started its service that lets tobacco shops called “buralistes” sell Bitcoin in France with 6 participants. The shops offer their customers coupons with the value of €50, €100 or €250. With these coupons, customers can enter a code on the website of KeplerK, the provider of this […]

Li Ka-Shing, Hong Kong Billionaire, Invests in Bakkt

Bakkt, a renowned digital asset platform that is owned by Intercontinental Exchange just completed the first phrase of funding. The company executives planned this process well and managed to attract hundreds of investors from all across the globe. One of the notable investors is Li Ka-Shing, a Hong Kong billionaire who is also ranked among […]