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Roundup – 30/10/2018 – Germany’s Financial Watchdog Wants Global Regulation for Crypto & more

Germany’s Financial Watchdog Wants Global Regulation for Crypto & more The president of the BaFin (Germany’s financial authorities), Felix Hufeld, is critical of ICOs. He stated that investors have few rights and that many ICOs are untransparent. Investors could hardly research whether a legitimate business model backs an ICO or not. Even fraudulent schemes are […]

Roundup – 25/10/2018 – Germany allows free cryptocurrency trading – temporarily & more

Germany allows private persons to trade cryptocurrencies – temporarily Until now German authorities have classified cryptocurrencies as a financial instrument. However, the Berliner Oberlandesgericht has ruled that this classification no longer applies. So far, cryptocurrencies have been regulated by the German Financial Authority (BaFin). Consequentially, it has forbidden private persons to trade cryptocurrencies. As a […]

Shapeshift COO Says U.S. Crypto-Regulations Worsen as Germany Becomes More Concerned With Financial Stability

The ShapeShift co-founder and chief operating officer has said that the American Cryptocurrencies have become worse. In other regulatory news, Germany’s Federal Financial Supervisory Authority president has said that his country is not concerned with individual investors but financial stability. The UK, through the country’s Financial Conduct Authority, has written to the CEO’s in businesses […]

Germany Says Cryptocurrency Cannot Affect Financial Stability

A study by the German Federal Government on Cryptocurrency has established that the virtual Currencies cannot affect financial stability. The findings are in contrast to the views of the traditional financial system on Cryptocurrencies, as they see them as a severe threat. Despite the discovery, the government still feels there is a need to control […]