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Apple Co-Founder Likens Cryptocurrency To Internet In The Early Years

In a recent interview, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak (Woz) said he would participate in a Crypto startup. At the same time, he talked about the virtual currencies and why he is eager about their potential in the future. He compares the Crypto world to the internet in its early years. Apple’s Wozniak Has Never Seen […]

Cryptocurrency Mining on Apple Apps Banned

Apple’s App store is known for its many gaming and non-gaming applications that run into millions. The mobile-tech giant company has updated its App Store Review Guideline and prohibited the running of unrelated background processes by any app along with the other third-party advertisements. Details Of The Update Under the new changes, mining Cryptocurrencies directly […]

Telegram Blames Apple For Cooperating With Russia

Telegram’s founder Pavel Durov claims that the world’s most valuable firm, Apple Inc. is now working with the Russian government to interfere with its services. He says the company restricted Telegram’s updates worldwide to please Russia. Telegram’s War With The Russian Government In April this year, Telegram refused to surrender its users’ communication decryption keys […]