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Altcoin Season Is Over After BTC/USD Dominance Surges To 70%

At $11,760.28 for BTC/USD, the pair has a market dominance of close to 70% which is at 69.7%. This peak was only seen in March 2017 ahead of the historical meteoric bullish run that took Bitcoin to a peak price of $20,089 on December 17th, 2017. Nevertheless, this is not an unusual phenomenon as the […]

The Demand For Institutional Crypto Abounds Despite Market Challenges

As of late, BTC and a score of other crypto coins have been undergoing extreme volatility as well as regulatory woes. This has caused a number of market investors and analysists to question the longevity of the bull run that has been running for several months. The analysts have also questioned the long-term significance of […]

Roundup – 02/04/2019 – Report: Terrorists Do Not Rely On Cryptocurrencies (Yet) & more

Report: Terrorists Do Not Rely On Cryptocurrencies (Yet) A report by the Rand Corporation on the “Terrorist Use of Cryptocurrencies” suggests that crypto does not play a major role in terrorism yet. The Rand Corporation is a think tank that counsels the military. The report shows that cryptocurrencies”are not well matched with the totality of […]

Responsible Crypto Trading In 2019; The Dos And Don’ts

According to some skeptics, cryptocurrencies is the biggest bubble to exist in the world. We know better. Bitcoin, the flagship cryptocurrency just celebrated its 10th birthday and we have been following the charts. Over and over we have encountered the doubting Thomas’s who have been quick to predict crypto’s downfall once they see a red […]

INSCOIN: The first Blockchain-based insurance company.

What is INSCOIN? INSCOIN is the coin that will be used by Knox Insurance, the first blockchain-based insurance company. With INSCOIN, Knox Insurance is attempting to move insurance to the blockchain. The reason for doing this is because Knox insurance believes that blockchain technology can make insurance faster, cheaper, more reliable, and more secure. INSCOIN […]

Strong Gains Recorded by Leading Cryptocurrencies

For the past 24 hours, strong gains have been recorded once again in the virtual currency market. This has occurred at a time when the market valuation has moved past the $440 billion mark towards a region of $0.5 trillion. Some of the major virtual coins that have demonstrated potential short-term gains are Bitcoin Main, […]