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Blockchain-Managed Off-Grid Power Could Boost Access To Electricity In Rural Africa

According to Thomas Wolfgang Thurner, a researcher in the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, one of the growing numbers of Blockchain use cases could be the management of off-grid renewable power in Africa. The researcher believes that a project that implements Blockchain technology in the management of off-grid renewable energy could boost access to electricity […]

Roundup – 10/04/2019 – Bitstamp Receives BitLicense in New York & more

Bitstamp Receives BitLicense in New York The Slovenian exchange Bitstamp has snatched a BitLicense. The coveted license allows crypto companies to run their business in New York. Bitstamp has confined its business to Europe since launching in 2011. With its move to New York the exchange seeks primarily to attract institutional investors from the US. […]

Africa’s Varying Standpoints On Blockchain And Cryptocurrencies

Regions such as the EU are set to adopt a unified approach to regulating Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology. However, African countries have contrasting standpoints casting doubt of whether the continent will ever achieve consensus to realize economic benefits that are accrued to uniform Digital Tokens and DLT regulations regionally. For instance, reports show that Namibia […]

Roundup – 25/03/2019 – Bitcoin Mining Is Dead? Bitmain Will Operate 200,000 More Miners & more

Bitmain Will Operate 200,000 More Miners The biggest mining hardware producer plans to invest in the Sichuan province in China. Up to 200,000 AntMiners could join Bitmain’s network. Sichuan is historically famous as a strong agricultural region that comes both from the soil and the rivers that flow through the province. Today China uses the […]

Roundup – 22/01/19 – Dutch Central Bank Devises Plan to Licence Crypto Exchanges & more

Dutch Central Bank Devises Plan to Licence Crypto Exchanges The Dutch Central Bank (DNB) has devised a new approach to cryptocurrencies. According to DNB, cryptocurrencies are means that bear a high-financial crime risk. Therefore, the government should give exchanges official licences if they meet the required regulations. The strict application of AML/CFT regulations is seen […]

Adoption Of Cryptocurrencies In Africa To Improve If Banks And Governments Show Support

North America, Europe, Asia, South America, and Oceania are on the run to adopting Cryptocurrencies. However, conspicuously missing on the list is the second most populated continent on earth with 1.2 billion people, Africa. This is raising concerns in some quarters that the region may be left behind in reaping from yet another global technology […]

A Study By Ecobank Establishes Increased Use Of Cryptocurrencies In Africa

A recent study by Ecobank Transnational Inc. on the use of Cryptocurrencies in 36 African countries has found a significant presence of the digital assets in these countries. However, the report by the pan-African bank has found that most countries have are yet to regulate the sector and have instead adopted a wait-and-see policy. Additionally, […]

Belfric Resumes Trading Despite Difficulties With Indian Banks and RBI

Belfrics, an Indian Cryptocurrency exchange said on Tuesday that it has resumed trading in the country. The exchange halted its operations when the country’s banks denied the exchange payments solutions. Moreover, the exchange has announced it will support another four Cryptocurrencies and is planning to introduce 20 more in the next months. Belfrics Exchange Is […]