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No, Medium.com is neither censoring nor suppressing crypto

After Google, Facebook and Twitter the biggest blogging platform on the web has now joined the train of banning crypto related blogs and accounts on their websites. Allegedly, some blogs have been deleted from the website. But as of now, it is unclear to what extent Medium has and will exert this approach. Medium is […]

Brave Browser Unveils Ads Trial Program

Brave Software has rolled out its ads trial program. The firm has published Brave browser, an open-source web browser characterized by extra privacy features an integrated ad blocker and Cryptocurrency (Basic Attention Token (BAT)). The company will share 70 percent of advertisement earnings with the participants in the BAT. Brave Browser Commences Testing Advertising Program […]

Google Joins Facebook In Banning Cryptocurrency And All ICO Ads

The Cryptocurrency market was practically indomitable in 2017. It soared to a market cap of almost $613 billion by year’s end starting from a considerably small collective market cap with a value of $17.7 billion. This soaring represented an increase of more than 3,300%. The chances are high that such a profitable investment opportunity may […]