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Roundup – 30/03/2019 – Russia Could Get the First Palladium Backed Cryptocurrency & more

Russia Could Get the First Palladium Backed Cryptocurrency Russian billionaire Vladimir Potanin is planning to create cryptocurrency tokens backed by palladium, to launch several digital platforms for a more fluid transaction. Nornickel is likewise emerging with a similar platform to be used for internal transactions to enable testing of regulating blockchain-type systems by a single […]

2gether – Spain’s First Visa Crypto Debit Card

The company 2gether allows its customers to pay with cryptocurrencies. The use is as simple and fast as a regular debit card. The card is available in 19 countries of the Eurozone. The Spanish startup 2gether has announced the successful launch of its crypto debit card. The card allows flexibility in payment. Users can charge […]

Roundup – 20/03/2019 -QuadrigaCX: Co-Founder Patryn Was a Scammer & more

QuadrigaCX: Co-Founder Patryn Was a Scammer Bloomberg reports that Gerald Cotten, the deceased CEO of QuadrigaCX, cooperated with a person called Michael Patryn. The two started to work on the idea since 2013. However, in his own words, Patryn describes that he stopped working for Cotten when they had a “fundamental disagreement” in 2016. The […]

A Blockchain Startup Launches A Crypto-Enabled Visa Card

2gether- a Banking startup company- is introducing a revolutionary Visa Debit Card that supports Cryptocurrencies. The new card allows users to spend Digital Tokens at different points of sale. Additionally, the Visa card can be used to make online payments when Cryptocurrencies are supported in areas such as flight booking, e-commerce, casino betting, etc. In […]