Survey Reveals That Americans Lead The World In Visiting Crypto Exchanges

The United States-based investors are emerging as the most progressive investors for Digital Assets. This is according to research by a software firm, DataLight, as reported on the end of April 2019.

The finding of the survey shows that US citizens have been making the most visits to the top 100 Crypto exchange platforms on a monthly basis. They are followed at a distant second by Japan, as South Korean closes the third position.

22.2 Million Visits From The US

The study shows that 22.2 million US-based investors visited top Crypto exchanges in the world in a month. This is a very significant figure as it means that adoption of Cryptocurrencies is set to gain traction in the future as a bullish market can lead to gains and these people would be ambassadors of the market. Their prospective impact is a long-term asset for the market in the US.

6.1 Million Visits From Japan

The second position is Japan with 6.1 million visits. The tech-savvy far east nation is one of the leading markets from Cryptocurrencies such as XRP and Dash and this did not come as a major surprise. However, the money-centric economy of Japan has been touted as the largest impediment to faster adoption of Cryptos in the nation of over 120 million people.

South Korea Comes Third With 5.7 Million Visits

Coming at the second runner up, South Korea recorded 5.7 million visits for the monthly period under review. The close neighbor of Japan is renowned for is technology prowess in all fields. For example, local town councils have been adopting Cryptos to issue Digital Gifts cards to residence as a reward for compliance achievements. Additionally, the nation’s premier company, Samsung, has even launched a Crypto wallet which is inbuilt on its flagship smartphone. Further, the Kimchi Premium surcharge could have contributed to the public interest in Cryptos.

The UK And Russia Are The European Leaders

In Europe, the United Kingdom has the most visits at 3.8 million. The country is grappling with a Brexit political deadlock where PM Theresa May and the Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbin are holding talks to find a solution for a soft Brexit. Meanwhile, amid the uncertainties, the Great Britain Pound has been vulnerable, and it seems as if people are turning to Cryptos to cushion themselves from a GBP plunge should there be a no-deal Brexit fallout.

Russia is also making it to the top position with monthly 3.1 million visits. The nation has several top-notch Crypto exchange startups which may be pushing the public interest in the Cryptocurrency market.


DataLight Research Shows That All Countries Are Registering Crypto Trading Activities

In summary, DataLight concludes that, most importantly, most of the world’s countries are recording visits to Crypto exchanges in a month. This shows that the industry has already globalized and on track for mass adoption.

However, some countries in Central Africa and Greenland recorded zero activity probably due to low globalization rates. Additionally, government policies such as the ban of Crypto exchanges in India are slowing down Crypto adoption.