Stellar Lumens (XRP) Token Review

stellar lumens

What is Stellar Lumens?

On its site, Stellar Lumens advertises itself as an open-sourced, distributed payments facilities, built on the premise that the worldwide neighborhood requires “a worldwide financial network available to anybody.” Excellent Lumens will fill this need, connecting people, organizations, and payment systems through its platform. In doing so, the Stellar Lumen’s group wishes to make monetary transactions less expensive, quicker, and more trustworthy than they are under present systems. Besides, their protocol would link people from all over the world by permitting for more effective cross-border payments.

How to buy Stellar Lumens tokens

Stellar Lumens mostly goes under the token ticker XLM. However, you can also find it under the symbol STR. The Stellar group altered the it from STR to XLM a while back. However, not all exchanges have updated their tickers.

How to store Stellar Lumens tokens

The majority of the wallets utilized to save journal are either journal particular or exist within Stellar’s network for use with its global market. Fortress, for instance, is the distributed exchange built into Stellar’s system, and StellarTerm is a client that enables you to access the distributed exchange to trade or send funds. The Stellar team has likewise developed the Stellar Desktop Client that is specific to the Lumens currency. If you’re trying to find a non-Stellar-exclusive wallet, the Ledger Nano S is most likely the safest bet; however if you do not have this hardware wallet, you might take a look at Stargazer, Papaya, and Saza.

stellar lumens

How Stellar Lumens works

Like (almost) all other cryptocurrencies, Stellar Lumens bears that stunning buzzword that has become the hallmark of blockchain innovation: decentralization. Like Bitcoin and Ethereum,  Stellar runs on a web of decentralized servers supported by a global consortium of entities and people. These servers support the distributed journal that monitors the network’s transactions and data. In practice, the Stellar protocol will work like a more inclusive, more versatile PayPal. To begin using Stellar, you would require to upload funds to an anchor on the network.  Similar to a bank or PayPal, this anchor then holds your money and issues the credit to your virtual wallet in its stead.

The Stellar exchange

Stellar also uses users the choice of positioning exchange orders onto the general public journal to sell or purchase other currencies. All rates are pre-determined by the private putting the law, so they are exempt to the automated exchange rate applied to all personal transactions by Stellar.

You can place an order on Stellar’s order book to trade with GBP abnd EUR. Note that this exchange is not restricted to fiat currency only.

stellar lumens


Its adaptability and usage cases make it operate like a financial Swiss Army Knife. With Stellar, you can deal with micro-payments with small costs, send out remittances without fretting over currency exchange or bank transfers, and settle payments in exact time (2-5 seconds). If Ripple was developed for banks and banking giants, then Stellar Lumens goes to work for the typical man. It has the perspective to revamp how we process peer-to-peer transactions on a global scale.

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