Startup Ubirch from Cologne Gets Million In Second Funding Round

Ubirch – IoT Data Storage on Blockchain

According to a recent press release (German), the company Ubirch has successfully gained more than a million Euro in a second funding round. The startup is developing secure data storage solutions for the internet of things. While the usefulness of notary processes has already been discovered by other companies, the combination of a blockchain as a secure and fast notary protocol and the internet of things is new. The company created an unmanipulable and legally certain protocol for companies and services.

The Investors

This concept has convinced several investors to participate in the second funding round of Ubirch. Combining all investments, Ubirch managed to collect a seven-figure sum. However, the company did not reveal the exact number of the total investments yet. Some of the investors are the SchneiderGolling group, an investment consultancy firm, Bauwens digital, the venture capital arm of the building enterprise Bauwens and ProInvest Ubirch, the private associates of Ubirch.

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