SoPay to Launch Crowdfunding

Sydney, Australia – SoPay is hoping to mobilize a total of ETH 10,000 in the sale of its token that will take place between May 28, 2018, and June 3, 2018. The Cryptocurrency payment service platform will use LEEKICO in the management of the sale.

Who are SoPay?

SoPaySoPay is a project that was started for the development of a fast, private, and simple digital payment process. It is a payment service platform that operates on Blockchain to facilitate digital payment. SoPay is similar to Alipay in that it provides fast, convenient, and safe payment services to its clients. However, unlike Alipay, SoPay uses Cryptocurrency.

How SoPay works

SoPay customers can use the SoPay APP to perform simple activities like adding more coins, sending, and withdrawing assets. The system is secure to use, as the storage of private is not necessary. The system allows access to the account by entering a 6-digit password.

Transactions at SoPay take only one second and there are no service charges. Forgetting a password is not a serious as the customers can use their phone numbers together with the 4 digit PIN and identification.

SoPay does not share private information with any provider or third party. Customers, therefore, have confidence when sharing their personal details with the company. Traders can transact seamlessly on the platform without the fear of their private data getting into the wrong hands.

The SoPay’s OpenAPI interface makes it easy for developers wishing to integrate the system into their application. Its use provides a safe and easy payment option. The process of integrating the system is easy and takes only 6 days.

SoPay is working with game development companies to enhance the use of their services on these platforms. The publication of SoPay’s API V1.0 is one of the greatest demonstrations of this partnership. SoPay APP is the final testing stages and is expected to be released soon. SoPay is expected to reach tens of millions of users once it is launched.

The Management Team at SoPay

SoPay is led by people who have been in the Cryptocurrency business for a long time. Most of them are pioneers of the Blockchain technology and have a deep knowledge of the same. No member of the management team has less than 10 years in operation. They have worked with prominent companies like Huawei, Alibaba, and Samsung among others in senior management positions. Both the investors and consultants at the company command strong respect in the Blockchain industry.

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