SolarisBank, A Cryptocurrency Bank Launched In The European Union

Berlin, Germany. Cryptocurrency holders are expected to benefit from the services of SolarisBank. This bank aims to provide financial services to investors whose wealth is denominated in Cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Banking

solarisbankWith a control of about 1% of the global GDP and gaining popularity each and every day, Cryptocurrencies are projected to be the mode of payment for the future and hence a lucrative investment. SolarisBank will serve all Blockchain businesses and investors who need financial services currently reserved for fiat money holders on the traditional banking environment. The digital cash solutions will be a one step in the right direction in the quest to establish trust and convenience for Cryptocurrency investors.

The digital-only-banking model is vital for Blockchain and investors who have been grappling with convenience issues regarding Cryptocurrency transactions. Some of the problems have been; lack of liquidity, an absence of universal credibility of the digital cash, inability to seek digital loans, and propensity of investors to fail to adhere to state regulations due to the operations in an unregulated (decentralized) environment.

“It has always been the role of banks to safeguard customer assets in a trustworthy manner. Even in an age of decentralization driven by Blockchain technology, banks still need to take on this role. We provide the infrastructure which connects traditional banking with modern, digital services.”

Peter Grosskopf, CTO SolarisBank

SolarisBank is offering the following services:

Digital Banking and Cards

This service is tailored for Blockchain SMEs and Conventional Retailers accepting Cryptocurrencies and individual investors. SolarisBank will ensure that the clients of these institutions and investors access quality-banking services. The features are designed for ease of opening account and transparent account management. The security of the accounts is paramount and safeguarded with complex video identification and access transactions for account holders.

The service is critical to business sustaining digital cash transfer transactions such as;

Peer to Peer transactions.

Blockchain and Retail account settlements.

Conditional payment.

International Cryptocurrency transfer solutions.

Lending Services

The Cryptocurrency market is grappling with lack of digital cash lending services due to lack of relevant banking services, Furthermore, the conventional banking system shies away from advancing loans to investors due to the volatility of the market from time to time. SolarisBank has a mechanism in place that will take into account the details of investors and Blockchain firms to enable them to advance Cryptocurrency loans.

This service will greatly impact ICO markets, Blockchains development, and speculative digital cash investors decisions. Additionally, to a lesser extent, the lending solution will stabilize the value of the value of some of the most popular Cryptocurrencies.

Advisory Services

As digital cash experts, SolarisBank has a mission of providing consultancy services to Cryptocurrency investors. This service will ensure that investors comply with the laid down laws and regulations. Acting within the precepts of the law is critical in the growth and development of Blockchains in the long run.

Cooperation with Relevant Banks

SolarisBank is in partnership with Alior Bank, Mastercard, Smava, vPE, and Raisin. This brings a wealth of expertise and services that are relevant to Cryptocurrencies investors. The cooperation is the force behind the applicability of the Automated Trust Account, which is a salient feature of the ledgers. This account will enable investors to have liquidity of their digital cash subject to the Fiat money.

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