Smaller Cryptos May Be The Best Futuristic Investment Options

There are over 2,800 Cryptocurrencies trading in the many Crypto exchange platforms that are available. In most cases, many traders limit their options to the leading Digital Assets such as LTC, BTC, BCH, XRP, ETH, Dash, ADA, Monero, USDT, etc. for risk-averse reasons such as lack of trust, security concerns, or even informational disparities on smaller Cryptos.

However, in judging the future potential of a Token, low cap Cryptocurrencies can yield massive interests in the future and therefore worth the investment. $200 million market capitalization is considered “small” as it is calculated by multiplying the value of a unit coin with the total Token supply in the market.

Low Cap Cryptocurrencies Are Riskier

Volatility can be viewed from two standpoints, gains and losses. In this regard, smaller Digital Assets are highly volatile. The Tokens can plunge to zero and disappear. Also, they can gain massively gain by multipliers of 100x, 40x, 200x etc. that seems unrealistic. Some of these Cryptocurrencies include;

Basic Attention Token (BAT)

BAT Token is an upcoming Cryptocurrency. A Token is valued at $0.135342 and its market cap is $165,347,035. It has a promising future as its Platform is a browser that can attack malware to guarantee the safety and privacy of users.

Docademic (MTC)

This is a native Token of a Blockchain platform that aims to address challenges in healthcare pertaining to costs, misuses and hacks of medical records, etc. It mainly seeks to cover poorer areas where medical coverage is limited. Users need to have MTC to access the records and is now valued at $0.013197 per Coin at a market cap of $4,170,524.

SiaCoin (SIA)

SIA is the native Token of Sia Blockchain that decentralizes cloud storage by offering peer to peer solutions for individuals to lease their hard drive spaces to others in need. The hosts are then rewarded by clients in SIA. As at now, SIA has a market cap of $104,050,948 and a Token is worth $0.002689.


SNM is the Token for SONM which is a decentralized Amazon Web Service for developing applications, hosting websites, performing calculations, and producing machine learning. It has a market cap of $8,121,404 USD and a unit SNM is trading at $0.022585.

SelfKey (KEY)

Selfkey Blockchain enables institutions and individuals to manage their digital identities through a Selfkey identity wallet. Data is secured in a user’s device and therefore safe from hacking. This technology has immense potential in the submission of residency applications, bank account creation, citizenship claims, etc. KEY is trading at $0.022585 and its market cap is $8,121,404.

DragonChain (DRGN)

DragonChain offers BaaS for businesses aiming to apply DLT in securing their database on Smart contracts. It is also a platform for deploying ICOs. Its DRGN native Token has a market cap of $21,187,835 and is trading at $0.088867.

Oyster Pearl (PRL)

This is a Blockchain platform for advertisers. It rewards content creators while eradicating the clutter and intrusiveness of advert displays on the internet. Hence, its future is guaranteed as online marketing is poised for a surge as more industries move online. The coin is available for sale on Kucoin.

Low Cap Cryptos Could Be The Next Bitcoin

When Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the concept of Bitcoin, many could not believe that the small Cryptocurrency could grow to its present-day value. On the same note, for investors who are willing to take risks, this class of Crypto assets may be rewarding in the medium term and long run.

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