Skrill Entices Clients With Direct BTC-To-Altcoin Conversions

Skrill, which is owned by the Paysafe Group, has decided to woo its customers with a new service. The company has introduced direct BTC to crypto conversions on the crypto service platform of the company.

About The New Service

Paysafe Group has announced that the users will be able to convert the BTC directly to other virtual coins. This new feature will enable customers to have instant conversions, and it is seen as one of the best developments in the market.

At first, the customers will just be allowed to change BTC to other altcoins. Later, support for additional pairs is expected to be introduced.

Skrill Customers Can Buy Other Altcoins Using Other BTC

Skrill had earlier announced that its customers could purchase other cryptos using Bitcoins. This is possible through the Skrill Cryptocurrency Service. The move has been seen as a great way of convincing the customers to continue using the services.

There are, however, some few things that should be done before selling the coins. The fiat has to be moved back into another wallet before purchasing the chosen crypto coin.

Bitcoin Pairing Services Available

It is now possible to purchase other crypto coins straight from BTC from the main Skrill wallet. On top of this, there is a new BTC pairing service. This new service is available for all the virtual coons that are supported by Skrill. This announcement was made by Lorenzo Pellegrino. He is the chief executive officer of Skrill, Paysafe’s Income Access department, as well as NETELLER.

He recognized the fact that their customers have always wanted functionality to make it easier for them to trade in the crypto space. He stated that his company has continued to enhance their services to assist the clients get the most out of the ecosystem of the cryptocurrency.

Key Takeaway From The Service

There are so many good things from this new service by Skrill. One of them is the ability to support speedy transactions at very reduced costs. In the past, users had to change BTC to fiat before they could be able to other altcoins.

This has been changed by the new service. Purchasing other cryptoassets has been made so easy through the use of this platform.


Extending To Neteller

Paysafe has stated that the service will start on its subsidiary, Skrill. However, it is expected to extend even to another major platform, NETELLER. After that, it is expected to spread in a number of other markets.

At the moment, Skrill crypto service allows the selling and purchasing of nine crypt assets. They include Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, and Ethereum.