What Is SegWit2x?

What is SegWit2x? SegWit2x is the next action of Bitcoin upgrade. It’s is a second part of the New York Agreement reached May 23, 2017. This upgrade ways increasing the Bitcoin block approximately 2 MB.

What did SegWit do?

SegWit repaired some errors and provided background for the next enhancements. It didn’t fix the issue of small blocks. Back in the days, one MB might have sufficed to satisfy users’ needs, but nowadays the quantity of information is too large. It has a significant effect on the rate of transaction verification and internal fees. And who likes high costs and distressed awaiting block verification?


Who supports SegWit2x?

Regardless of being a part of the New York Agreement, a lot of nodes and mining pools have changed their minds. With time, more and more companies refused to accept the new solution, like TREZOR, Bittrex, and others. There is no unity in the Bitcoin community on the concern, and that’s why so a lot of business do not want to take dangers.

What to expect from SegWit2x

SegWit2x is canceled, but it’s still possible to be executed shortly.

Security concerns

The main issue is a replay defense, more precisely, an absence of replay security. The possibility of a replay attack permits fraudsters to get access to private user information, which, in turn, weakens the reliability of Bitcoin.

Scalability issues

The issue of Bitcoin scaling is still appropriate. It needs to be resolved. SegWit2x is a possible solution however it has some technical problems. Rather potentially, the scaling will be forthcoming however it will take some time to consider and change the solid fork execution.


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