SEC-Licensed Clearing House Delivers Crypto Trading To Five Million Clients

A new trading platform meant for financial advisors and broker-dealers has been launched by Apex Clearing, an American financial clearing and execution firm. Apex Clearing has collaborated with its cryptocurrency investment subsidiary known as Apex Crypto. This is according to a statement released on the 27th of June by Apex Clearing and Apex Crypto platform.

Opening And Funding Crypto In A Seamless Manner

Equity investors will now have an opportunity to open and fund their virtual currency trading platforms in a more effective and seamless manner. The main aim of this is to enable their customers trade the virtual coin in a more effective manner.

The process of opening and funding the crypto accounts will now be done just within minutes. Before this new development, the process would take weeks on end.

Apex Crypto is also launching this system in collaboration with SogoTrade Inc., which is an online discount broker-dealer that is based in the United States. It is also an Apex Clearing client. The cryptocurrency platform is now available for all the clients of the Apex Clearing, and this will make the digital coins more readily available to over five million current account holders.

More Than 5 Million Clients Already In

As at now, more than five million Apex Clearing current account holders can use this new platform. The platform offers support to trading of the four leading virtual coins. The coins include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, as well as Ethereum.

The press briefing that was released by the company puts a very strong emphasis on the scalability and the throughput of the new platform. It also claims that the Apex Clearing systems will enable opening of several accounts all at once. All these can be done just on a single day. This gives the traders an opportunity to take advantage of the surges that normally occur with the cryptocurrency trading volumes.

The Targeted Regions

At first, the Apex cryptocurrency is made available for investors who are across forty states in the United States of America. The District of Columbia is also included in the list. There are a host of other states that are expected to be added in the list in the near future.


However, this will only take place when the regulatory approval has been fully sealed. The Chief Executive Officer of Apex Clearing has said that the company is looking forward to fundamentally alter the manner in which the enterprises and investors think about all their finances.

About Apex Clearing, LLC

Apex Clearing was founded in the year 2012. It is basically a clearing and custody powerhouse that tends to power the future of management of digital wealth. Operating as one of the best technology companies, Apex tends to deliver flexibility, efficiency, and speed to companies that are ranging from creative startups to blue-chip brands that are mainly focused on growth. It is based in Dallas, Texas, but has other offices in Oregon, Portland, Chicago, and New York. It is registered with the SEC.

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