Samsung Is Seeking An EU Patent Over Its Upcoming Blockchain Phone


The South Korean Tech giant, Samsung, has filed for a patent for its upcoming Samsung Blockchain Phone technology. The filing was submitted earlier in the week to the European Patent Office (EPO) in the German City of Munich.

The entry of Samsung into the Blockchain space marks the beginning of the globalization of Blockchain technology that is currently drawing mixed reactions following the Crypto markets bear cycle that has been ongoing from November 24th. This is because Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies are deemed to be one and the same in the contemporary world as Cryptos are native to Distributed Ledger Technology platforms.

The Samsung Patent Encompasses Several Aspects

The Samsung patent covers three critical aspects; Blockchain Core, Blockchain Key Box, and Blockchain Key Store. Patent file details indicate that these are software applications that are fully dedicated to mobile-based Blockchain operations whose popularity and demand is growing year-on-year.

These applications that Samsung is planning to launch later will be compatible with Android devices that Samsung phones operate. Further details show that the apps can be compatible with other computer software platforms which means that the Samsung Blockchain-friendly apps can be applied to various devices in addition to Samsung smartphones.

The Primary Technology Supports Mobile-Based Blockchain Use-Cases

The whole idea behind this technology and the patent application is anchored in protecting Samsung’s native technology that focuses on storing Crypto keys. Firstly, Blockchain Key Box applications will be used to store private keys for Blockchain platforms and enable mobile phone users to directly access their login credentials. It will offer maximum security as well as ensuring the recovery of forgotten Blockchain access credentials.

Secondly, Blockchain Key Store will be a tool of accessing various Distributed Ledger Technology applications such as Crypto wallets, Blockchain platforms, Distributed Applications (DApps), Internet of Things (IoT) applications, etc. It will mimic the famous Google Play store with the difference being in the fact that is dedicated to Blockchain-based mobile-based use case apps.

Lastly, Blockchain Core is a software application that will reinforce the Android operating system that Samsung smartphones use. It will be a programming code that supports mobile Blockchain applications.

Cutting Edge Features Will Be Incorporated Into Upcoming Samsung Smartphone Versions


When the EPO process is complete, it is highly likely that the next version to be released by Samsung will be coming with the features. Hence, this Blockchain-enabled Samsung phone might be the Galaxy S10 range that will be making its debut soon. Nonetheless, Samsung is yet to give a detailed insight into what consumers should expect in the short term.

Since the appointment of Kwon Oh-Hyun as VC and CEO of Samsung on March 2018, the company has been eyeing the EU region as its next frontier. The strategy is timely especially with the vacuum created by the waning influence of Huawei and the need for a rival company to rival Apple in Europe.

A similar Blockchain-powered smartphone, HTC Exodus, was released earlier this year. This shows that the next frontier for Blockchain technology mass adoption is in mobile-based applications.

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