Roundup – 31/10/2018 – Second Largest Diamond Manufacturer Joins Tracr & more

Second Largest Diamond Manufacturer Joins Tracr

The DeBeers Group, South Africa’s largest player in the diamond industry, has developed Tracr. The blockchain solves the problem that a buyer of jewelry cannot be sure about the origin of the product. With Tracr miners can save all relevant data of a diamond on a blockchain at the production site. Besides the origin, these dates regard the size, clarity, and color. Together with other data, blockchain adds to the security that no one in the supply chain mixes up genuine diamonds with blood diamonds. As producers save the data of a diamond at production site, it is harder to mix them up with polished diamonds that are harder to identify.

ZCash Blockchain Has Undergone A Fork That Introduces Shielded Addresses

ZCash Blockchain has been updated as per its long-term roadmap to incorporate shielded addresses with sapling update capabilities and competencies. The fork is intended to optimize the network’s performance to a very large extent by enhancing privacy and anonymity features to achieve optimal confidentiality. The networks, therefore, become one of the few that has next-generation sapling networks. Consequentially, this could ensure that the native utility token ZEC continues its rise to the top performers in Cryptocurrency markets.

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South Korean Authorities Crack Down on Unregistered Crypto Fund

The local exchange Zeniex launched a fund that it had not registered at South Korea’s Financial Services Commission (FSC). Zeniex claims that overseas agencies carried out investments for the fund. Therefore, the management decided there was no obligation to register the fund at the FSC. As the FSC is reviewing the case Zeniex has cancelled the launch of a second fund.

Coinbase Raises $300 Million in the Latest Funding Drive

One of the main cryptocurrency exchange platforms based here in the United States is Coinbase. In a recent report by Coin Telegraph, Coinbase raises $300 million in the latest funding drive whose primary objective is to promote the adoption of cryptocurrencies not only in the country but also abroad.

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