Roundup 31/01/2019 – Swift Partners With Ripple Competitor R3 & more

Swift Partners With Ripple Competitor R3

The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) is a company that facilitates international payments. Swift’s CEO, Gottfried Leibbrandt, said yesterday during the Paris fintech forum that Swift is partnering with R3 to integrate the latter’s blockchain trade platform into its own Global Payments Innovation (GPI) framework. GPI is basically only a messaging system that works with the existing technology that banks work usually with. It is costly and processing international payments takes several days. R3 could provide the liquidity to speed up Swift’s payments and make it more cost efficient.

Fidelity Assets Digital To Launch In March

The company announced through a statement that it is currently providing the service to a select few eligible clients as it continues to develop its initial solutions. The statement goes on to add that through the coming months it will be focused on engaging with and prioritizing the needs and jurisdiction of the company’s prospective clients, among other factors.

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Bitcoin Cash Upgrade in May Includes Schnorr Signatures

On Tuesday, Bitcoin Cash developer Mark Lundeberg revealed that Schnorr signatures are coming to Bitcoin Cash. According to Lundeberg, they will be included into the upcoming May upgrade for Bitcoin Cash. Schnorr signatures enable nodes to process transactions from multiple signatures to process them faster and save them in a shorter version on the blockchain. This saves space on the blockchain and thus effectively lowers the transaction price. Schnorr signatures would replace the current ECDSA signatures.

UAE and Saudi Arabia Carrying Out Joint Cryptocurrency Trials

The national banks of United Arabs Emirates and Saudi Arabia teamed up to carry out tests on a new cryptocurrency before it is introduction into the national financial system. Central Bank of UAE and Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA) confirmed the report yesterday.

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Ledger Unveils A Mobile Phone App

A French firm that develops the Ledger Crypto hardware wallet is launching a mobile app. The aim of the software is to facilitate connectivity between the Ledger Nano X wallets and users’ smartphones. The application will be linking to the cold wallet via wireless Bluetooth. The practice of linking hardware wallet with a mobile phone is already increasingly becoming the new normal. This is because most users find it convenient to work from their mobile phones and developers such as Ledger are responding to the prevailing needs.

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