Roundup 30/12/2018 – Huobi Releases Whitepaper of Huobi Chain

Huobi Releases Whitepaper of Huobi Chain

With the release of the whitepaper of Huobi Chain the company gives insight about its first independet blockchain. Huobi Chain aims to facilitate digital or “real” assets as stated in the whitepaper. Huobi aims to disclose a new market for itself beyond the cryptocurrency space. As the crypto market is now in a correction since over a year we can deduct that like many other players in the crypto market, Huobi is hit hard by plummeting Bitcoin & altcoin prices. Foraying into new markets seem like a logical step for the future. Earlier this week, the management of Huobi declared that it plans to layoff a part of its staff.

Visa Buys Ripple Partner Earthport

Visa has acquired the Ripple partner Earthport for $250 million. The company specializes in cross-border payments and has been a partner of Ripple since 2015. The company has its own payment network and facilitates payments from or to America from other continents. However, it also offers its clients to give them access to the Ripple network. To what extent both companies have benefitted from their partnership is not clear. As Visa is not a partner of Ripple it is not clear whether or not the partnership will continue in the future. 

The Times Writes Positive Article for Bitcoin as a Medium for Liberty

The Times has written an unusually positive article about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. The article mentions the case of Bitcoin as a very helpful replacement for the plummeting Bolivar in Venezuela. The narrative that we need Bitcoin and altcoins as censorship-resistant, permissionless and decentralized media is reaching the mainstream amidst the crypto winter. If this view furthers adoption of cryptocurrencies it could help prevent future attempts to restrict or prohibit the use of cryptocurrencies. The free use of cryptocurrencies is part of our civil rights.