Roundup – 30/11/2018 – Major Stockmarkets Will Launch Bitcoin Futures in Q1 2019 & more

Major Stockmarkets Will Launch Bitcoin Futures in Q1 2019

The Nasdaq, as well as the ICE (Intercontinental Exchange), plans to offer Bitcoin futures by the first quarter of 2019. Bakkt, a cryptocurrency exchange in which ICE is involved announced that it will offer Bitcoin futures from January 24th on. The futures on the Nasdaq will be facilitated by the investment management company VanEck that among many other of its competitors tried to get licenses for a Bitcoin ETF as well. This step will Bitcoin futures to the next level as the contracts need to be fully regulated and transparent.

Google Searches For Bitcoin Spikes Indicating Renewed Interest In Cryptos

With the current bearish markets, some quarters have been adamant in proclaiming that it is the beginning of the end of Cryptocurrencies. As the world’s largest Crypto Asset, Bitcoin’s price movements have been at the central focus of debates and lengthy reports forecasted that the selloff scenario would increase dramatically as demand and interest wane.However, a Google report about browser searches for BTC proves otherwise. From the evidence, public interest on Bitcoin is at a short-term high similar to the interest witnessed during bull runs.

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Botnets Increasingly Used for Crypto Mining

A report by Kaspersky suggests that Botnets are being repurposed to mine cryptocurrencies. Prior to the age of cryptocurrencies, cybercriminals used botnets to send out fraudulent spam emails. Apparently, crypto mining turned out to be more profitable. Malicious software can hardly be found by an unaware user. It uses a part of the CPU power of a computer to mine cryptocurrencies. The download of unlicensed software is the most common way to catch trojans and viruses.

Study Reveals Negative Bias of Media Towards Cryptocurrencies

A recent study by Clovr, a crypto project in the eSports and gaming industry itself, gives several insights on cryptocurrencies in the Media. An interesting point is e.g. that there is a slight negative bias in media towards cryptocurrencies. The study researched 7527 articles on cryptocurrencies and categorized them in positive and negative reporting. A list of selected outlets reveals also by definite numbers which outlets have a positive or negative attitude towards cryptocurrencies. Another interesting point is that media coverage correlates with the price of cryptocurrencies. Except for major breakdowns which are covered even more densely by the media.

FBI Detains Fraudster Behind $4 Million Scam

The FBI has detained the CEO of Arise Bank, Jared Rice on Wednesday. This was announced today by the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Texas. Rice claimed that the Arise Bank would become the “world’s first decentralized bank” through the help of its own native cryptocurrency the “Arise Coin”. The company was filed in Texas, USA. However, the Arise Bank has no official banking license in the state. It might be unnecessary for a decentralized bank but Rice claimed that the Arise Bank had a partnership with Visa which it does not. Rice also lied about raising $600 million in just a few weeks instead of actual $4 million. The fraudster could be sentenced to up to 120 years.

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