Roundup – 29/04/2019 – Ripple Appoints Asian Market Expert to Its Supervisory Board & more

Ripple Appoints New Financial Business Expert to Its Supervisory Board

The new man in Ripple’s supervisory board is Yoshitaka Kitao. Kitao is the current CEO of SBI Holdings, an early and probably the most important partner of Ripple. He has already been an important figure in the joint venture between SBI Holdings and Ripple in the past. Ripple is currently at a phase where it is expanding in Asia. As the 68-year old CEO of SBI Holdings has worked with many different companies in the financial sector, he is a valuable actor in establishing more partnerships in Asia.

Bitcoin & Co. Become More and More Important to Hamas

The Hamas relies more and more on Bitcoin to finance itself. Reportedly, Hamas’ methods to conceal their transactions become more and more elaborate. However, major donators from Iran are increasingly seizing to send money to Hamas. Consequentially, cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more important to the Sunni Islamist terror organization.

Jaguar Land Rover to Reward Drivers with IOTA Tokens Cryptocurrency

Jaguar Land Rover company told the press on Monday that it is in the process of testing a unique software that will allow drivers to share information with other drivers. In return for sharing the data, they will earn IOTA cryptocurrency. The auto manufacturer is creating a smart wallet technology that will be installed in all its new automobiles. Drivers will earn IOTA cryptocurrency for taking specific actions such as enabling the technology to allow them to share data such as potholes on certain roads, navigation tips, local authorities, and other forms of useful data.

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How Does a Loyalty Program on Blockchain Work?

A loyalty platform is developed by retailers to motivate consumers to return and purchase their goods or utilize their services. A standard reward platform would need a consumer to enroll with the seller giving the platform so they can gather loyalty points. According to the kind of firm and terms of the reward platform, the loyalty points can permit consumers notable entry to getting new services and products.

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