Roundup – 29/01/2019 – Tether Moves to Rank 4 On & more

Tether Moves to Rank 4 On

Tether Has Become the fourth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. The stablecoin has overtook EOS’s rank. The current situation is a consequence of the Bitcoin Cash fork in November which seemed to have catalyzed the selloff below the $6000 support on the Bitcoin chart. Bitcoin Cash which ranked in the top 5 on throughout most of 2018 sits currently at place 6, Bitcoin SV at rank 10. Tether’s rise into the top 5 is a logical consequence of the bear market and shows that many crypto holders have already moved out of the Bitcoin & altcoin market.

Adult Websites To Start Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments is a leading adult site Blockchain platform based in Australia that is launching its Crypto payment gateway as from late this week. The network brings together 60 adult websites and they will soon have the infrastructure to accept and process Crypto payments in BTC, ETH, and other Cryptos in the secure ecosystem of according to the report.

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BitTorrent’s ICO Completed Within 15 Minutes

BitTorrent’s ICO for its BTT cryptocurrency opened and closed yesterday within 15 minutes on three different platforms. The Binance Launchpad was the platform of the token sale and their had been two separate markets for it. The BNB market for  23.76 billion BTT closed within  13 minutes and 25 seconds, while the TRX market for 35.64 billion BTT lasted 14 minutes and 41 seconds. The BTT ICO followed after Tron acquired BitTorrent last year. The token is based on Tron’s TRX-10 standard.

Komodo Allows Users To Build On Bitcoin Efficiently

According To the general manager of Komodo, Ben Fairbank, Komodo network allows users to use Bitcoin Blockchain in their tokenized systems. These platforms rely on the immutability and security of Bitcoin while avoiding the inconveniences of building on it. Thus, Komodo is an essential technology that integrates Bitcoin supporting tools into Crypto-based use cases and this is why Ben Fairbank is advocating for Komodo adoption.

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Cryptocurrency Exchanges in South Korea Pool Data to Curtail Money Laundering

Money laundering is by far one of the main risks associated with cryptocurrencies. Exchange platforms are exploited for this purpose but not anymore. Reports indicate that Bithumb, Coinone, Upbit and Corbit have signed a deal that will see them share wallet information of their customers in real time. They will also share suspicious activities that could be associated with pyramid schemes and phishing attempts.

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