Roundup – 28/10/2018 – US Midterm Elections Spark Debate over Crypto Donations & more

US Midterm Elections Spark Debate about Crypto Donations

Bitcoin donations are currently sparking a big debate regarding the midterm elections in the US. The regulation around the new money medium is still widely unregulated. Various state courts have issued contradicting judgments in cases with cryptocurrencies. This has become a big issue now. As politicians have to reveal the source and the height of their donations for their political campaign. Donators can easily ignore this requirement. The debate revolves around the state’s management of this issue. The outcome of this debate could point the way ahead for further regulation.

German Central Bank and Deutsche Bank Successfully Complete Blockchain Settlement Test

The Bundesbank (Germany’s Central Bank) and the Deutsche Bank have completed the first test phase of their blockchain settlement. The test phase showed positive results, according to Burkhard Balz, Member of the Executive Board of Deutsche Bundesbank. It showed positive results that it can handle transactions and transfers between the two banks reliably. However, according to Balz, there is still further room for improvement. Balz also revealed that the blockchain was built based on the code of Hyperledger Fabric version 1.0 and the Digital Asset platform. The Deutsche Bank is the largest bank in the private banking sector of Germany and the only one that plays a role in the global financial market.

Belgium adds 21 websites to its Crypto Blacklist

Belgium added 21 websites to its official blacklist of fraudulent websites in the crypto investment sector. The website is maintained by the Belgian Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA). It lists now in total 99 fraudulent websites. These sites show activities and typical behavior of fraudulent schemes. However, there is partly no hard evidence that these sites are fraudulent. Therefore, the Belgian website warns and informs private persons that intend to invest in cryptocurrencies. The website is available in Dutch, French, and English.