Roundup – 28/04/2019 – Philipp Morris Will Use Blockchain Instead of Paper Stamps & more

Philipp Morris Will Use Blockchain Instead of Paper Stamps

The Tabac merchant Philipp Morris could be about to include a public blockchain to its business. Coindesk reported this in an article citing Nitin Manoharan, the IT director of Philipp Morris. The global player will use the blockchain to track its cigarette packages. They already have paper stamps on them that serve to verify a pack of cigarettes as a brand product with the quality that comes with it. However, these paper stamps can easily be counterfeited. A fraud that costs brands like Philipp Morris several hundred million dollars per year.

Is Digital Representation Of Physical Assets A Game Changer For Businesses?

The emerging model of tokenizing assets will be a major focus in the upcoming New York City Consensus Week. This event will be bringing together leading Blockchain Technorati who will examine the emerging business model of digital representation of tangible assets. The delegates would explore in-depth whether it is an emerging trend that everyone should be aware of in the business field to avoid being outcompeted by peers.

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Samsung, Supposedly, Is Planning To Develop An Ethereum-based Blockchain And Token

According to a person who is “familiar with Samsung’s internal situation,” Samsung decided to build a blockchain. Further, the new platform will have its own native token. The unnamed source revealed this project to Coindesk Korea in an exclusive interview. The only timeline that has been given is “in the future”.

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Crypto Elite Met to Talk About the Future of Crypto Markets – Liquidity Offset Network

According to Bloomberg, Hoe Lon Leng who worked for Standard Chartered Plc organized the meeting. It took place in January of last year in a hotel in Singapore. Some of the participants represented giants of the industry such as Galaxy Digital, Circle, Binance and Coinbase. An important subject of the meeting was how the crypto industry could gain more trust. Especially from institutional investors and by the public.

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