Roundup – 28/02/2019 –  London Stock Exchange Invests $20 Million in Crypto Startup & more

 London Stock Exchange Invests $20 Million in Crypto Startup

The London Stock Exchange (LSEG) has invested in the crypto startup Nivaura. The company launched the first crypto bond in 2017. Furthermore, it facilitates the tokenization and trading of securities. LSEG reportedly spent about $20 million in Nivaura. The startup settles all its assets via its own blockchain. Another investor in the funding round is Santander’s investment arm Santander InnoVentures. The investment is a strategic investment in the innovation of the financial sector. Settlement via blockchain reduces the costs and the settlement speed in comparison to traditional securities.


Russia Sets Deadline For Crypto Regulation

The Kremlin has given its list of implementation orders. A kind of to-do list for the Russian government. Cointelegraph has reported about the document. However, it misinterprets Putin’s role regarding the document. The Russian government set up the list and Putin merely approved the list. A bureaucratical step that formally confirms the implementation of the various tasks. The order on the field of cryptocurrencies states that the government needs to tackle the development of the digital economy.  Furthermore, it requires the government to define a legal framework for digital assets and to attract to attract financial resources via digital technology. The deadline for a first submit is the first of July.

Lessons From Japan On Mass Crypto Adoption

For decades, Asian countries have been setting the pace for technological advancements. The region has been at the center of major technological revolutions, especially from the late 20th century. Arguably, the latest technology is Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. China, Japan, India, and South Korea are leading in DLT innovation as well as the adoption of Digital Tokens. At a closer analysis of the three largest economies in the world which are the US, China, and Japan, there are different approaches applied to the industry and consequential different results.

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Mercedes Benz Supply Chain To Be Based On Blockchain Technology

Mercedes Benz will be managing its auto parts supply chain on a Blockchain network. The DLT, which is in its prototype phase, has been developed with the technical input of Icetris and it will also enable the German car maker to fight the use of counterfeit parts on their cars. This move will make Mercedes Benz be the pioneer global auto manufacturer to apply Blockchain technology for sustainable ledger books management that is fundamental to a critical and vulnerable supply chain operation.

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Cryptocurrency Market in Switzerland Secures Banking Access

In a recent interview, the CEO of Seba stated that the cryptocurrency community in the country will not be able to enjoy stable and secure banking services. One of the challenges that cryptocurrency startups have been facing for many months is convincing a conventional financial institution to process payments in the country. This hindrance can be blamed for the slow growth of the Swiss cryptocurrency industry. Luckily, access to banking services will make it possible for thousands of crypto investors to invest more in their preferred digital currency freely.

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