Roundup – 27/11/2018 – Hash War Ends with Bitcoin Cash SV

Hash War Ends with Bitcoin Cash SV Implementing Replay protection

The infamous hash war between Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV has come now officially to an end. Why it seemed clear for a long time that Bitcoin Cash ABC would win the hash war, it was not clear whether the SV team would continue the hash war for calculated losses on both sides. Calvin Ayre announced that Bitcoin Cash SV enforces now a split from the BCH chain. Effectively, this means that Bitcoin Cash ABC has won the hash war. Though, as a consequence, the rivalry is continuing now in the market. Meaning the war for the status of the true Bitcoin as envisioned by Satoshi has now three belligerents.

US Miner Drags Bitmain before Court for Mining at Expense of Customers

Gor Gevorkyan, a US-citizen, has filed a lawsuit against Bitmain. While the rumor has been around for more than a year, Gevorkyan is accusing Bitmain of using its ASIC miners to mine cryptocurrencies for its own sake at the expense of its customers. The miner is suing Bitmain for damage compensations as high as $5 million, though interest rates could drive the compensation even higher.


Philippines Try to Attract Investors from China, Korea and Japan

The Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA) that is in charge of supervising the Philippine’s “Crypto Valley” has assigned the Rare Earth Asia Technologies Corp. to attract investors from continental Asia. Rare Earth, a Japanese company that maintains among other things its own exchange, is one of the licensees of CEZA. The Fintech Hub has grown rapidly over the last few years. However, the numbers still seem pale in comparison to the economic drivers in the Asian region. The Philippines are a growing market and the widespread knowledge of English is a big plus for the region. However, the island country’s law allows for expropriation of which the government made use e.g. in 2004 in the case of the Manila airport.

Ledger Expands To New York To Serve American Institutional Investors Better

On Monday 26th November 2018, ledger made an official press release about opening a regional New York City office. The French-based fintech Blockchain company is looking to bring its Cryptocurrency custody solution for custodians and asset managers which is the Ledger Vault closer to the main market. The Crypto hardware maker is among the leading providers of hack-proof wallets that have been touted to be the best in the Crypto spheres.

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