Roundup – 27/04/2019 – Bitfinex Withdraws About $80 Million After Accusation of Misusing Tether Funds & more

Bitfinex Withdraws About $80 Million After Accusation of Misusing Funds

The crypto exchange Bitfinex has withdrawn more than $80 million from its cold wallet. Bitfinex is closely associated with the stable coin Tether. Neither of the two companies has indicated any reason for the withdrawal. Due to the recent rally, critics brought up old allegations of market manipulation against Tether. The withdrawal follows an accusation of the state attorney that Bitfinex balances funding gaps with funds that should back Tether USDT. However, Tether already denied those claims publicly in a blog post.

Samoan Church Under Investigation After Promoting OneCoin Scam

A church in Samoa is subject of investigations after it promoted the – now infamous – snowball system OneCoin. A priest had invited OneCoin representatives to present OneCoin as an investment opportunity to the church community. Samoa’s central bank banned any activities that involved OneCoin. Despite that, many citizens of Samoa invested in the scam. On a global scale, OneCoin collected hundreds of millions of Dollars. Currently, the founders of OneCoin, Konstantin Ignatov and Sebastien Greenwood are in investigative custody in the US.

Nike Filed Trademark Cryptokicks – New Marketplace with Native Token?

Nike officially filed a trademark with the name Cryptokicks. The filing explicitly states that Nike intends to use the name for “financial services, namely, providing a digital currency or digital token for use by members of an on-line [sic] community via a global computer network”.

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