Roundup – 27/03/2019 – Rakuten’s Crypto Exchange Operates Under New Name & more

Rakuten’s Crypto Exchange Operates Under New Name

The crypto exchange of the e-commerce platform Rakuten will get a rebranding. The subsidiary currently has the name Everybody’s Bitcoin Inc. According to the company’s press release, from April on the exchange will operate under the name “Rakuten Wallet”. However, previously the company had to develop an improved business plan and to rework its security systems. Following that, the Kanto Local Finance Bureau gave Rakuten’s subsidiary green light. Rakuten is one of the Top 10 digital companies in the world. It already started to accept Bitcoin in 2016.

North Korean Resistance Group Cheollima Civil Defense Sells Ethereum Token to Topple Government

A dissident group from North Korea wants to use Ethereum to destroy the government. The group wants to sell 200,000 Visas to let foreigners visit the country in order to liberate the country. The opposition group, Cheollima Civil Defense (CCD), consists of dissident anarchists from North Korea. CCD sells visas for the time after the liberation as Ethereum tokens. The group does this to raise funds to topple the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

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SEC Ease Up To Companies That Agree to Cooperate

Over the last three years, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission has been working on regulations to streamline the cryptocurrency industry. These regulations are mainly meant to protect cryptocurrency users from risks associated with cryptocurrencies such as phishing attempts. A new report shows that SEO is cutting deals with companies that are in violation of the popular Howey test. The Howey test is a rule of thumb that is widely used to categorize assets as securities. That is, the test is used to determine whether a digital asset can be grouped alongside other securities and therefore needs to be registered with an agency.

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Seed CX Partners With Hydra X Expanding To Asia

Seed CX, a Crypto exchange based in Chicago, will be expanding into the Asian market with the help of a recent partnership. The crypto exchange announced this via a press release on the 21st of March. According to the press release announcement, the Seed CX Crypto exchange has partnered with Hydra X in its efforts to get into the Asian market. Hydra X is a Singapore based firm that deals in trading infrastructure technology. This team up will see Seed CX integrating its platform with Sigma which is Hydra X’s trading platform. The Sigma trading platform is in public beta currently.

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BMW Group Asia, Nielsen, And Intel Partner With Tribe Blockchain Accelerator

Tribe Blockchain accelerator, an initiative of the government of Singapore, has announced that three leading tech firms have signed a partnership deal to join the platform. The three firms include; BMW Group Asia, Nielsen, and Intel that are looking to adopt Blockchain technology in improving service delivery on their various product lines. Information about new technologies such as Blockchain is usually scarce and highly subjective. Therefore, cooperation leads to the development of unified models that not only create more sophisticated and efficient technology but also helps to increase adoption.

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