Roundup – 27/03/2019 – BitTorrent Live – Release P2P Version of Snapchat in Q2 & more

BitTorrent Live – Release of P2P Version of Snapchat in Q2

BitTorrent will release its social media app BitTorrent Live in the course of the next months. The company did not give a definite date but indicated that it will definitely release the app in Q2 2019. The app will be available in a public beta version. Bram Cohen, the creator of the BitTorrent protocols, stated that the idea and the software of BitTorrent Live is not new. However, he originally envisioned the app to be just a content delivery service. The original idea was to spin off BitTorrent live as an independent business but the project failed to attract investors. The new management of BitTorrent that came with the acquisition by Tron repurposed the app to be much similar to Snap Chat.

eToro Acquires Firmo and Is Now Set to Offer Smart Contract Solutions

eToro has acquired Firmo at an undisclosed fee. The company has a goal of staying ahead of other fintech companies through expansionary strategies and the management sees a lot of opportunities in blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. Firmo is a leading smart contract infrastructure provider and the move enables eToro to have smart contract features. This gives investors the possibility to save, invest, and trade cryptocurrencies in a state-of-the-art platform. The Firmo team will create an infrastructure for tokenizing all assets on eToro. In order to achieve this mission, the experts from Firmo will conduct extensive research to develop a Blockchain-based solution for executing Token transactions.

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First Ever Cryptocurrency Exchange in Vietnam

Kronn Ventures AG has signed a MoU with Linh Thanh Group. A distribution company in Vietnam that will help establish the exchange platform. The two have agreed to work together to create the first crypto trading platform in the country. In a recent interview, a Linh Thanh representative stated that working together with Kronn Ventures would result in a robust exchange platform that will meet the needs and expectations of crypto traders in the country.

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Paris Blockchain Week Shows French Are Warming Up

From April 13 to 19, the Paris Blockchain Week (PBW) will be convened in the French capital, Paris. It will be one of the most notable and most significant events that focus on Blockchain professionalism in and beyond the French-speaking country. Further, within the PBW, there will be a summit from April 16-17 that will take place at Station F. It will be targeting the major professionals who are shaping the whole industry. The French government through the Ministry of Economy and Finance is supporting the summit. This is signifying that the country’s policies that were largely silent on Cryptos have begun to thaw. The recently updated PACTE law is proof that the government is adopting a more flexible strategy to boost the growth of Cryptos and Blockchain.

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Tim Draper Met Argentinian President – “Bitcoin Should Replace Peso”

The famous Bitcoin investor, Tim Draper, has recommended the president of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, to make Bitcoin the national currency of Bitcoin.Tim Draper campaigned on the 20th of March in a personal meeting with Macri for the abolishment of Argentina‘s fiat currency, the Peso in favor of Bitcoin. It is not the first time that Draper appeals to politicians. In 2017 he counseled the SEC in dealing with ICOs to prevent that the authority from blighting the innovative potential of ICOs.

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