Roundup – 27/02/2019 – QuadrigaCX Director Jennifer Robertson Filed Affidavit to Appoint Restructuring Officer & more

QuadrigaCX Director Jennifer Robertson Filed Affidavit to Appoint Restructuring Officer

Jennifer Robertson, the wife of QuadrigaCX’s CEO Gerald Cotten, has filed an affidavit to appoint a chief restructuring officer (CRO).  Currently, the two remaining directors of QuadrigaCX are her and Tom Beazley. Neither of whom have experience in the crypto sector or in leading a bankrupt company.   She has, therefore, requested that the Senior Vice President of QuadrigaCX, Peter Wedlake, should be appointed the director. Wedlake is vast experience in accounting and consulting businesses.

Coinbase Partners with SoFi to Launch Cryptocurrency Trading

SoFi, a lending platform aimed at young students and professionals, will offer its clients to buy cryptocurrencies via its platform. In order to enable the service, the lending platform has partnered with Coinbase. SoFi’s core business model is to facilatete cheap credits to students that are provided by alumni. Therefore, its main client group consists of young people that are interested in buying cryptocurrencies or that already do so.

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Swiss Bank Partners With Crypto Startup to Offer Crypto Investment

The Swiss bank Julius Bär will reportedly offer its clients to trade cryptocurrencies. The bank has partnered with the Swiss crypto startup Seba to facilitate investments in cryptocurrencies. However, Julius Bär is currently still awaiting a securities dealer and banking license. As soon as the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory approves the bank it will start to offer its clients access to the crypto asset market and to storage solutions.

Coinbase Pro Lists XRP On Its Trading Platform

XRP enthusiasts can trade XRP on Coinbase Pro following the addition of Ripple support. Coinbase users can now deposit XRP on their wallets to start trading on the platform. The availability of XRP pairs ensures that Coinbase Pro users are able to leverage on intra-market dynamics where Digital Tokens are in a continuous fluctuation against each other and hence ideal for strategic investment. It is important to note that Coinbase Pro is a professional trading platform with unique tools such as charts and indicators that can allow users to forecast price movements and trade optimally.

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Kyocera And LO3 Are Testing A VPP Powered By Blockchain

The New York-based LO3 Energy and the Tokyo-based Kyocera have a joint Blockchain project. According to confirmed reports, the two companies will be testing the feasibility of a jointly developed Virtual Power Plant (VPP) grid management system that uses a distributed consensus protocol to manage its operations. The peer-to-peer platform on its demonstration phase will combine renewable energy products and the involved companies’ technologies. This will be vital in improving the distribution of electricity from renewable sources-a trend that is becoming popular especially with green energy activists and other concerned people.

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