Roundup – 27/01/2019 – Phishing Scam on

Phishing Scam on

Reportedly, users have fallen victim to a phishing attack. A fake account on the website redirected users that wanted to trade Bitcoin to another web page. The website urged the users to enter 2FA-numbers. This gave the phishing scammers access to the users’ account. In consequence, all their funds were depleted. reacted by pointing to their security measures and to the fact that the website processes trades only via its own platform.

Dash Update Evolution 0.13 is live

The Dash Upgrade Evolution 0.13 is the biggest update of the cryptocurrency so far. InstantSend simplifies and speeds up transactions on the Dash blockchain with no additional cost. Fewer nodes than before suffice to confirm transactions on the network. This goes hand in hand with the implementation of the masternode system on Dash. Users with a stake of 1000 Dash can install a masternode. They have more voting rights in Dash’s ecosystem in return for more responsibilities. E.g. the InstantSend application works through the masternodes. The Evolution upgrade also enables non-financial transactions on the blockchain. Ever since Ethereum, this feature is nothing new in the cryptospace. However, Dash is a comparably old fork of the Bitcoin protocol in 2014 and did not yet support this transaction type.

2018 Big Lessons For Crypto Taxation

2018 was a year to forget. It’s the toughest year for cryptocurrencies yet. All the regulations and negative news concerning the digital currencies did no help. On the contrary, it pedalled the diving prices and let to the total market capitalization falling from over $800 billion to $100 billion in 12 months.

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