Roundup – 26/04/2019 – Samsung Invests In French Wallet Company Ledger & more

Samsung Invests In French Wallet Company Ledger

According to the French business magazine Capital, the Korean tech giant Samsung invested 2.6 million into Ledger. Consequentally, the valuation of Ledger reached above $260 million. Neither Eric Larchevêque, the founder of Ledger, nor Samsung’s management have commented the investment so far. Earlier this week, several crypto news outlets speculated whether Samsung would develop its own blockchain. However, Samsung did not yet confirm this news.

Blockchain Collectible Games Explained

Blockchain gaming refers to any online game in which the game play is communicated through and stored directly on a blockchain. Importantly, players send transactions to the blockchain instead of packets to a server. For example, Even dragons is a standard crypto collectible game available on the Ethereum network. It is the first blockchain collectible that is powered by real-life events. Compete with other players, receive gems, trade on the marketplace and ether by playing.

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Indian Government Considering Banning All Cryptocurrencies

Over the last one month, a number of articles have surfaced online indicating Indian government harsh perception about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In one of the recent articles, one of the committee working for the government has created a bill dubbed “Banning of Cryptocurrencies and Regulation of Official Digital Currencies Bill 2019”.

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Startup Ubirch from Cologne Collects Million In Second Funding Round

According to a recent press release (German), the company Ubirch has successfully gained more than a million Euro in a second funding round. The startup is developing secure data storage solutions for the internet of things. While the usefulness of notary processes has already been discovered by other companies, the combination of a blockchain as a secure and fast notary protocol and the internet of things is new.

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