Roundup – 26/02/2019 – Supreme Court of India Gives Government 4-Weeks Deadline to Regulate Cryptocurrencies & more

Supreme Court of India Gives Government 4-Weeks Deadline to Regulate Cryptocurrencies

The Supreme Court of India has given the government and the Reserve Bank of India a deadline to settle regulation on cryptocurrencies. The deadline gives the government four more weeks to decide on regulation. So far, the government had been torn in two different directions. Proponents of the ban fear that cryptocurrencies could undermine the stability of the Indian Rupee and thus of the Indian economy and state. The adversaries of the ban argue that the ban infringes the civil rights of the population and that the Indian economy misses out an opportunity for innovation. If the government is not able to come up with a proposal to regulate cryptocurrencies, the Supreme Court will decide on the ban on its own. It is likely that the government will strengthen the civil rights based on the constitution.

Ukraine Completed Pilot Project On National Digital Currency

The Ukrainian Central Bank has completed a pilot project of its digital currency. The e-Hryvnia is not a cryptocurrency, however. Although the Central Bank has not disclosed any technical details as of it now, it did confirm that the project would not aim to create a cryptocurrency. The statement came from the Central Bank’s payment systems director Alexander Yablunivsky. A cryptocurrency would not give the Ukrainian government the monetary instruments necessary to run the state. Such as controlled inflation, monetary surveillance, and taxation.

Liechtenstein Based Frick Bank Launches Subsidiary

According to the Balzers headquartered bank, the newly launched Crypto trading subsidiary will enable institutional investors to gain access to multiple exchange trading in Cryptocurrency that is not only secure but is also fully regulated. This move is among a series of advancements the financial institution is taking towards digital technologies. Bank Frick was the first financial institution in Liechtenstein to provide intermediaries and traders with the opportunity to trade in some of the leading digital currencies in the market. It is also the first to provide offline storage facilities for digital tokens.

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Emerging Details of Samsung Galaxy S10 Cryptocurrency Wallet

Samsung Galaxy S10 cryptocurrency wallet is designed to make it even convenient for the users to store and access their cryptocurrencies while on the go. The announcement was made during the launch of the smartphone last week. Reports indicate that the S10 cryptocurrency wallet will make it possible for users of this smartphone to store bitcoin, Ethereum and another new digital coin that is closely related to Ethereum called Cosmo Coin.

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