Roundup – 25/04/2019 – Hyundai Develops Blockchain & Will Create “Token Economy” & more

Hyundai Develops Blockchain & Will Create Token Economy

Hyundai AutoEver, a subsidy of Hyundai, has partnered with two blockchain companies to develop its own blockchain. According to “The Block Crypto”, the blockchain will track the history of used cars as well as the performance of cars. However, the press release of Hyundai states that the companies devise the blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) for their clients. In a second step the companies want to create an “internal token economy.” Only in the third phase – which Hyundai AutoEver did not specify yet – the tracking of used cars will be implemented.

Japan Finance Regulator FSA Raid Fisco and Huobi Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Financial Services Agency, the leading financial regulator in Japan sent its agents to two renowned cryptocurrency exchange platforms, Fisco and Huobi last week. The main objective of the raid is to ensure that the two exchange platforms have put in place robust consumer protection protocols. It is reported that both exchanges have in the recent past undergone major management restructures to guarantee their sustainability in the competitive and volatile cryptocurrency industry. It will be remembered last year Fisco acquired Zaif cryptocurrency for a whopping $44.5 million.

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Bitfury Founds Investment Fund for Bitcoin Mining

Final Frontier, the Swiss partner of Bitfuy, already received an official license to conduct its business in Liechtenstein. Therefore, the financial regulator is responsible to supervise the business of the two companies. However, the license allows the two companies to operate their fund for clients from all over the EU. The two companies have outlined the goal to give institutional investors access to the mining industry.

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Yelp Introduces “Accepts Cryptocurrency Payment” Filter

Over the last one year, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has undergone tremendous changes. Even though there are challenges, it is good to note that the industry is still vibrant and expand to new grounds. Yelp is one of the platforms that are helping the industry grow by empowering people with information about the power of cryptocurrencies. Just the other day, the company decided to add a new filter “Accepts Cryptocurrency Payment”. As the name suggests, this new filter will make it easier for people who use the platform to find information about businesses to locate those that allow clients to pay using cryptocurrency.

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PumaPay Chrome Wallet Is Here!

PumaPay has launched a wallet extension for Chrome. The new solution is expected to offer a virtual online solution that will allow users to access their wallets on the leading browser platform. The PumaPay extension will make it easy for users to manage and access their portfolios from the comfort of their devices in real time. The announcement was done via Twitter on the official PumaPay blog site where a tweet says that “PumaPay Chrome Wallet is Here!” the statement further informs users that they can manage and access their wallets from Chrome browsers effective from April 23, 2019.

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