Roundup – 25/03/2019 – Bitcoin Mining Is Dead? Bitmain Will Operate 200,000 More Miners & more

Bitmain Will Operate 200,000 More Miners

The biggest mining hardware producer plans to invest in the Sichuan province in China. Up to 200,000 AntMiners could join Bitmain’s network. Sichuan is historically famous as a strong agricultural region that comes both from the soil and the rivers that flow through the province. Today China uses the same rivers as energy resources. China has among the lowest energy prices in the world. Many critics of the enterprise have predicted the financial end of the company. However, an investment in 200,000 additional miners tells a different story.

Cryptocurrencies in Syria – a Medium for a New Start?

Rachel Rose O’leary, a journalist working for, has written an article about the adoption of cryptocurrencies in Rojava. Rojava is the region in North-Syria in which the autonomous Kurdish communities live. The name stands for the West (of Kurdistan). The region is still war-torn and the different factions among the Kurds have different plans and ideas for the creation of a new life. While the PKK and many other influential organizations have a socialist vision for Kurdistan, some have a more decentralized one in which cryptocurrencies do play a role. O’leary tells a story of sand, death and cryptocurrency>.

Africa Lagging Behind in Cryptocurrency Adoption

Cryptocurrency adoption rate in many parts of the world is high, but that is not the case in Africa. Even though bitcoin is one of the widely searched words online as reported by Google Trends. The high search volume is a sign that most people in the continent are interested in digital currencies. However, despite having the highest interest in the world, Africa still lags behind other continents in terms of adoption and use of various cryptocurrencies. The currencies are having a hard time breaking the stranglehold of simplicity, efficiency, and convenience offered by other money transfer systems.

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Manager of Bank for International Settlement: Central Bank Digital Currencies are Non-sense

Agustin Carstens, general manager of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) argued against the creation of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). Carstens is also a strong opponent to the issuance and adoption of cryptocurrencies. However, against the latter, he argues that cryptocurrencies should not be issued by private entities. Against CBDC he states that its existence would threaten our entire monetary system. According to Carstens, CBDCs would shift our deposit and lending system from private banks to central banks. Effectively, this would centralize our economy.

Tor Project Now Accepting Donations In Cryptos

The managers of the Tor project have decided to accept donations in nine various crypto coins. Tor Project Inc. is a non-profit establishment that is based in Massachusetts. Its main focus is in the area of education and research initiatives. All these are linked to maintaining software for the Tor anonymity network. The entity has now opted to allow indirect donations via digital currencies.

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